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Inflatable chicken - with Trump-like 'feathers' - spotted outside the White House

11 Août 2017

If you are not one of the ardent Trump-policy fans and has objections to the way the president is conducting the most revered position, eBay has offered you a smart way to express your dislike.

According to The Hill, a 30-foot inflatable chicken with hair created to look like Trump was placed behind the White House in a spot open to the public.

"Everyone's had their march - there's been a tax march, the women's march, the President wants a military parade so we're going to give it to him", Brar told Reuters.

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"So a massive inflatable chicken showed up at the White House today".

This isn't the first Washington has seen of the Trump chicken - the fowl made its debut in April at a march meant to pressure Trump to release his tax returns.

Chief of staff John Kelly is the latest White House staffer to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

"I realised it's actually better, because the symbolism works and the Secret Service won't be as jumpy", Brar said.

The militant roosters will come from all over the country-Brar's got lots of friends with versions of the chicken ranging from six to 16 feet ready to pitch in for the cause. But Brar pointed out that considering the president's frequent use of Twitter and social media, it's very likely he'll catch wind of the incident.

It was put there by protesters arguing Trump should release his tax returns.

The inflatable Trump Chicken is a copy of the giant Trump Rooster mascot, which was first unveiled by a mall in the city of Taiyuan in China in December to welcome Chinese New Year. Trump, however, has missed the chicken protest as he has been staying at his golf course in Bed minster, New Jersey. This blow-up poultry also had hands making gestures similar to some of the ones that Trump's been known to make.

Inflatable chicken - with Trump-like 'feathers' - spotted outside the White House