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Politics Professor: GOP Not Doing Great When It Comes To Legislation

11 Août 2017

The switch caught the attention of the liberal Washington Post, which reported that Justice's party switch gives the GOP 26 states with both a Republican governor and a Republican state legislature. Justice was a registered Republican until 2015 when he switched to Democrat.

Despite the switch, Justice said nothing is likely to change, raising questions of the strategy and goal behind the move.

Put it all together and the regionalization of the Democratic Party limits the party's upside potential in 2018. Whether his vote was to even the score with President Trump for disrespecting him during the presidential campaign, McCain, R-Arizona, did right when he said "the greatest deliberative body had succumbed to partisan rancor and gridlock" and that a united front was needed to fix Obamacare.

According to Hoppy Kercheval with W.Va. MetroNews, Justice's Democratic staffers were not informed that the "switch was coming".

Like a reckless rookie unable to learn from his mistakes, QB Trump is repeatedly scrambling out of the pocket, throwing incompletions in every direction - and then blaming his blockers, receivers and cheerleaders on Twitter for his team's negative yardage.

He said he has spent more than seven hours in talks with White House staff and Trump himself over the past three weeks, and now has the president's consideration on plans to bring back coal jobs and allocate federal funds to the state.

House Democrats are unleashing a new wave of attack ads aimed at several Republican lawmakers who haven't hosted town halls in their districts this month.

We've written about how important it is for a president to have an adult like Kelly in the Oval Office, but the real issue is whether our president will listen to advice from the adult.

West Virginia GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas said in a statement, however, they are ready to work with Justice.

One look at the electoral map from 2016 shows the Democrats won the West Coast and the Northeastern states, while the vast middle of the country is nearly entirely GOP, with the exception of traditional liberal strongholds such as IL and Colorado.

With the governor of West Virginia switching parties, Democrats hold a record-low number of governorships. GOP apparatchiks have kept Trump loyalists out of the administration and funneled in their friends and former Bush loyalists to slow-walk the president's agenda and help special counsel Robert Mueller find a kill shot on Trump.

"House Republicans are focused on what matters to you", they say on the web. The opinion of the nation probably means less to Gov. Justice than the opinion of his state and his voters.

"There was never a change of heart, only continuous greed by a man who would rather save a dollar than make his mines safe for West Virginians", Enochs continued. I'd love that if we could. Not long ago, according to McClatchy News, the Democratic political firm Global Strategy Group concluded that Obama-Trump voters "effectively accounted for more than two-thirds of the reason Clinton lost".

Politics Professor: GOP Not Doing Great When It Comes To Legislation