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Some rain today, storms over the weekend

11 Août 2017

Precipitation will linger into Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 80s.

We are getting off to a warmer start Friday morning thanks to a fair amount of cloud cover and increasing humidity. The east wind will be 3 to 6 miles per hour.

Tuesday Night.Mostly cloudy. Small rain chance.

Tonight is the wettest period of the upcoming weekend.with the best chance for you to collect some rain in the gauge. The high will be 87. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 8 miles per hour in the morning. The rain risk will be 40 percent.

Today's National Weather Service forecast: Mostly cloudy, with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.

As we move into the Friday, meteorologists say there is the potential for unsettled weather not only Friday night, but off and on through the weekend. Winds E/SE 5-10 miles per hour. We'll continue to see a good chance for rain through the early evening.

Sunday should be nicer, AccuWeather says, with partly sunny skies and a high in the low 80s. Wednesday will be Mainly Sunny though an afternoon storm can't be ruled out.

Wed: High: 87 Low: 69 Early showers/storms the partly cloudy.

Sunday Night: A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1 am. Low: 76. High: 97.

Away from the storms, the sun is out in spots with temperatures mostly in the mid 80s. Expect a bunch of sunshine and highs rebounding close to 85°. It will remain warm and humid with the high near 90. Mostly cloudy with a low around 72.

SUNDAY: Isolated rain showers and thunderstorms return for Sunday, with a high temperature of 83 degrees.

Some rain today, storms over the weekend