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Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games

12 Août 2017

In a statement, Elliott denied the woman's accusations.

All appeal decisions are supposed to be "final and binding", but Elliott has legal options.

The league investigated two incidents.

She claims that he attacked her five separate times in July 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that is indeed what the former Ohio State Buckeye will do.

The NFL's letter to Elliott cited the OH case as well as an incident this past spring when Elliott was caught on video pulling down a woman's shirt while watching a St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas.

Elliott may appeal this decision within three days.

The photos published on Friday show extensive bruising to the knee, hands, arms and neck.

When asked about the Elliott investigation in December, Goodell said: "The best way to be fair to a player is to be thorough and to take your time and get it right". "And so these injuries did not just, at least in my judgment, magically appear on her body". It's also encouraging that the league seems committed to its position that NFL investigation and discipline will occur independently from police and prosecutorial procedure. "These medical experts corroborated numerous statements that Ms. Thompson made".

Cowboys fans and fantasy owners are all equally awaiting the official word from the National Football League office on the Ezekiel Elliott suspension decision.

Elliott's attorneys said they would present "a slew of additional, credible and controverting evidence" to fight the penalty. "[Thompson's] false statement that was revealed was she accused Mr. Elliott of yanking her out of a auto on July 21 - really it's the morning of the 22nd because I think it was after midnight".

As Elliott and his representatives continued to present alternate theories, Harvey said none were supported by "any witness, any document or any substantive evidence". With Elliott, the Cowboys probably wouldn't have needed Morris. The NFL reportedly considered multiple incidents including the domestic violence allegations from February 2016, July 2016, and a St. Patrick's Day incident this March in which Elliot was seen pulling down a woman's shirt, although the latter did not factor into the league's decided disciplinary actions. He remains eligible to play in all preseason practices and games until September 2. They are expected to appeal the length of the suspension. They were told, "We never concluded that she was lying to us. we generally believed her for all of the incidents".

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games