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Hamid Ansari To Rajya Sabha: 'Muslims Insecure'

12 Août 2017

"Yes, it is a correct assessment. And I am not the only one in the country; a great many people feel the same way".

"When I reflect on India's history, the tensions, the challenges that our country faces from time to time".

At NLSIU, Ansari had said that that there were "enhanced apprehensions of insecurity among segments of our citizen body, particularly Dalits, Muslims and Christians".

PM Modi on Thursday praised outgoing Vice-President Hamid Ansarifor his track record in public service. In reply to farewell felicitations by members, Mr Ansari said deviations from this golden rule contribute neither to diligent policy making nor to the claim to be mature democracy based on Rule of Law. Ansari also said he shared the view of many that intolerance was growing. "I hope you will continue to guide the nation in moving forward on the path laid down by the Constitution", he added.

Stating it to be serious, Rajya MP concluded with rhyming couplets and said, "Sir we wish you well as you began this new dawn".

All these concerns and questions raised in the last few days.

His commitment to his duties, extensive knowledge of the Constitution, as well as his polite and soft-spoken demeanour are the qualities that nearly everyone who has worked with Ansari mentions. By someone who holds one of the highest constitutional positions in the country. Instead of taking this opportunity to assure the Muslim community that the government would protect them from majoritarian onslaught, the BJP has taken the route of complete denial.

Nawab is saying that the opinion of Hamid Ansari over the Muslims in the country is insecure. "It is a political propaganda", he said. "Compared to the entire world, minorities are more safe and secure in India and they get their due", he told PTI.

"Maybe there was some uneasiness within you".

BJP Mahila Morcha national executive member Priti Gandhi accused him of having an agenda. "I condemn his comments", Vijayvargiya said.

The former BJP President said he was "an all-party man" now and his role was "above politics". He is still the vice president and such comments do not suit his office's dignity.

If a non-Muslim would have commented then this row would not have taken place. And if anyone was in doubt about the intent of PM Modi, the BJP followed through with a direct attack on Ansari. Shoot the messenger down.

Ironically, both these reactions only reinforced Ansari's fears. "But at the same time the minorities have also their responsibilities".

Hamid Ansari To Rajya Sabha: 'Muslims Insecure'