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The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017

12 Août 2017

Find out what the august 21 total solar eclipse will look like from anywhere on the planet with a new interactive, 3D simulation app from NASA. Plan to shoot about 20 minutes to create a two to three minute video. (Pacific time) and last in Charleston, 2:48 p.m.

Even if you live elsewhere in North America, a portion of the sun will partially disappear near midday. However, this incredible phenomenon will be able to observe only residents of the USA and partially Western Europe and South America.

The learning center is also providing participating libraries with a booklet of eclipse information and public outreach ideas, said Sarah Ostman of the American Library Association. And you can mark it on your calendar, down to the millisecond. In the right place at the right time, people will see a total solar eclipse stretching about 100 kilometres wide.

Leonard Bates, 80, was just nine years old when he saw his first eclipse.

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Oakland University Eye Research Institute Andrew Goldberg says the retina - the delicate lining in the back of your eye - is like a talented, delicate diva.

Where are viewing events happening in New York City?

Since 1503, there have been a total of 15 total solar eclipse paths that have crossed the path of the August 2017 eclipse. The mom who responded to the Solar Eclipse Party Facebook invite has good reason to ask you to reschedule.

First things first. For those wondering what exactly a solar eclipse is, it's when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, and the moon blocks the sun.

Well, it isn't often we are told that we are about to witness "one of the events of the century". Even when 99 percent of the sun's surface is obscured during the partial phases of an eclipse, the remaining crescent of sun is still intense enough to cause retinal burn.

Communities are planning viewing parties, libraries are hosting events for children, and the national parks are reminding Americans they can provide an ideal setting to view the eclipse. NASA has released a map to find out the exact time and how long it will last wherever you are along the path of totality.

Space enthusiasts have been getting excited about the eclipse, and some, like us, are counting down the days.

These are just a few of the multiple effects Mid-Missourians will get a front row seat to on Monday, August 21.

The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017