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Trump says 'fire and fury' remark not tough enough

12 Août 2017

President Donald Trump says the USA military is "locked and loaded" to deal with North Korea, ramping up the rhetorical brinkmanship.

A former USA military officer who served multiple tours in South Korea and Japan said that to succeed completely, it would take at least a month, given how well protected and dispersed North Korean targets were.

On Thursday, it was reported that the United States has a plan for a preemptive strike on North Korean missile sites with bombers stationed in Guam, should Donald Trump order it. "That's the preferred way to deal with it", Turnbull said in a radio interview. U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he did not believe the threat from North Korea has changed and defended the President's statement.

"It would be very hard to eliminate that threat before the artillery fire could create a lot of damage on the southern side", David Shear, who served as the senior USA defense official for east Asia under former president Barack Obama, told Reuters.

As commander-in-chief, Mr Trump can rely on a menu of Pentagon plans to either prevent or retaliate against any missile test near United States territory in the Pacific - there are many of them and some are drilled regularly in Guam.

The US president's Twitter missive ratcheted up his already bellicose rhetoric with Kim over North Korea's weapons program, as Beijing appealed to the two leaders to dampen their fiery exchange.

But a forceful approach on a belligerent nation like North Korea could do more harm than good, as reflected by escalating tensions this week. The alliance was formalized in 1951 with the Anzus Treaty, which originally included New Zealand. "The American alliance is the absolute bedrock of our national security".

The U.S. State Department previously said Yun had met with Pak in NY and travelled to Pyongyang in June to discuss the release of Otto Warmbier, the American student imprisoned in North Korea who died soon after his return to the United States. Trump added his voice on Thursday, insisting that if North Korea took any steps to even think about an attack, it would have reason to be nervous.

He added: "I look forward to the USA and North Korea working with regional partners including China to reduce tensions and end the nuclear brinkmanship".

The small island has always been an important outpost for the USA military - and a target of North Korean threats.

A Democratic congressman is urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to reconvene the House from its summer recess to consider legislation prohibiting a pre-emptive nuclear strike against North Korea.

The escalating rhetorical exchanges between the USA and North Korea were sparked, in part, by the 5 August unanimous vote in the United Nations Security Council to impose new sanctions on the Kim regime.

Comparing the crisis to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the Tory rising star said: "Kennedy and Khrushchev showed that nuclear tensions can be unwound by measured and thoughtful action".

Military officials will move ahead with planned drills between the US and South Korea.

The exercise, known as Northern Viper 17, will take place on Hokkaido - Japan's northern-most main island - and will last until August 28. Most of the weapons have landed in the Sea of Japan.

Yun said the catastrophe would not just be human. "They create crisis and switch it for maximum gain, and they try negotiations".

But on the same day, Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned Pyongyang that it "should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people".

Trump says 'fire and fury' remark not tough enough