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Cocktails to Sip During the Solar Eclipse

21 Août 2017

Q: What is the eclipse, anyway?

Transits are used to measure distances in space, but the total solar eclipse will offer a unique chance to take other measurements.

However, in the third phase of the total eclipse, the low lying valleys on the moon's edge will allow shimmering light to pass through, leading to the complete solar eclipse in phase four.

"That's exactly how this sort of thing will work leading up to the eclipse".

AAA recommends eclipse road travelers be ready for traffic, congestion, and gridlock in the "totality" zone in the days surrounding the eclipse. San Diego had a population of less than 100,000 the last time it was eclipsed (1923), and Chicago hasn't seen a total eclipse at all in the last 100 years. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 1:18 p.m. and will be completely over at 2:44 p.m.

The protection is especially important in South Mississippi, where the total eclipse won't be visible. And your timing doesn't have to be flawless, as the dimming of the Sun will start well ahead of the peak eclipse and persist for a while after.

The Great American Eclipse will make its way across North America Monday, Aug. 21, stretching from OR in the west to SC in the east. When the moon only covers a portion of the sun it's known as a partial solar eclipse.

The last time a total solar eclipse occurred in the Lower 48 was 1979. Much research is planned this time around, including a NASA funded mission to have two research planes follow the eclipse along part of its path.

Wyoming is predicting that its population will double on Monday.

Other cities in the area will experience totality, just not for as long, and will have a variety of viewing parties. The better option is to find a safe place to park, and then observe the eclipse. The Chattahoochee Nature Center will be hosting its own event.

You might think of your eyes as your natural cameras, but if you don't keep them safe during the eclipse you could miss out on future memories.

Q: What's the deal with these glasses? This includes having a certification information indicating that it passed the ISO 12312-2 worldwide standard and the manufacturer's name and company address printed on the product. To safely watch the eclipse you must have eclipse glasses that are certified ISO 12312-2, according to NASA this is the global standard for solar viewing. Second choice is to stay in the Atlanta Metro area where there will be many viewing opportunities.

Q: Will schools be closed?

The environment and the sky itself will change completely.

The United States will experience another total solar eclipse in just seven years - which is remarkable.

Q: Will there be another eclipse?

Cocktails to Sip During the Solar Eclipse