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Red Cross in need of volunteers for Irma relief efforts

13 Septembre 2017

With 70 more workers on the way to restore power in southern Florida, they're one of several Upper Midwest organizations dividing help between Harvey and Irma.

He is now preparing for another deployment to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

"The need is great so we definitely need people to step up and volunteer to potentially be deployed to help out with the terrible situation happening". He explained just what the hurricane victims need now.

That's just half the lifespan of 1994's Hurricane John, which holds the record as the longest lasting hurricane (31 days) and the farthest-traveled (7,165 miles). The federal agencies also say you should avoid cash donations when possible, and never write checks to individuals claiming to be victims.

The American Red Cross aided with clean up, food, shelter, and mental and spiritual care.

"They're afraid they're going to be forgotten", said Kadel.

More than 1,800 Red Cross volunteers have responded already with 400 more on their way, she said.

"People are so generous in times like this". "The individuals that go and help out and put our compassion into action are trained disaster volunteers, and so this is a way for them to begin that process". "You can help the Red Cross with a financial donation", said Wallace. "That's why we couldn't get into some of the assigned places we were supposed to be in". "The clean up will take time".

"We send a semi every other day and we send cargo vans in the afternoons", Hughes said. I have been there.

"I am humbled by the generosity of the individuals who have come forward", says McConnell.

"Our staff is minimal, but our volunteer base is large so we can't function without our volunteers", said David Miller, Volunteer Disaster Project Specialist with the Red Cross.

About 50 volunteers from Kansas are still helping in the Houston area hit by Hurricane Harvey two weeks ago.

Red Cross in need of volunteers for Irma relief efforts