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UN should take 'necessary measures' on North Korea - China

13 Septembre 2017

South Korea is closely watching North Korea over the possibility it may test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile as soon as Saturday when it celebrates its founding anniversary.

But he continued to present the threat of strikes as an option, if not the most desirable one.

"We should not give in to emotions and push Pyongyang into a corner", Putin said in a news conference after the meeting, held on the sidelines of a conference on economic development of Russia's Far East.

"I can say for sure that there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula again", Mr Moon said at a question-and-answer session, reiterating his earlier pledge not to allow South Korean ally U.S. to launch an attack on the North.

"President Trump provided his conceptual approval of planned purchases by South Korea of billions of dollars in American military equipment". "It would be great if something else could be worked out".

Pressure from Washington has ratcheted up since North Korea conducted its sixth and largest nuclear test on Sunday. As for the nuclear weapons, a spokesperson for President Moon Jae-in said his government doesn't want those bombspermanently in the country.

Asked on Thursday whether the United States could tolerate a situation where North Korea retained its nuclear weapons, but was otherwise contained, the president declined to answer: "I don't put my negotiations on the table", he said. Those fears pale in comparison to North Korea testing nuclear weapons, but cryptocurrency owners should probably still be concerned.

FireEye revealed that groups that appear to be sponsored by North Korea have targeted South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers.

Intelligence agencies and cybersecurity experts have also linked North Korea to WannaCry, the biggest cyberattack the world has ever seen. Trump, who also once favored talks with Pyongyang, recently said this was "not the answer".

Other conservative media such as Fox News, OAN News and Newsmax are becoming increasingly supportive of military action.

Russia's renewed focus on North Korea was the subject of a report by private-intelligence firm Stratfor which revealed how it was looking to expand its influence in the region. "That is plainly clear to us".

Earlier this week, South Korean intelligence sources detected evidence that preparations were underway at a test site.

Trump is giving Kim an option: to face the destruction of his country or to surrender. The US has responded to meet the challenge with "fire and fury". But since then he's stepped back from that type of bellicose language.

The U.S. wants the U.N. Security Council to impose an oil embargo on North Korea, ban its exports of textiles and the hiring of North Korea n laborers overseas, and to subject leader Kim Jong-un to an asset freeze and travel ban, according to a draft resolution seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

Trump is due to deliver his first major address to the United Nations in two weeks. Putin also expressed concern that cutting off oil supplies would hurt regular North Koreans, Yoon said.

"The amount of pressure North Korea has been under is less than pressure applied to Iran and Iraq", the official said.

Beijing and Moscow have called for a resolution that focuses on a political solution and proposed a freeze-for-freeze that would halt North Korean nuclear and missile tests in exchange for the US and South Korea stopping their joint military exercises.

TRUMP: We're going to see what it is. "It doesn't seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament", Lee told a meeting of defense ministers Thursday in Seoul.

"I have an executive order prepared".

UN should take 'necessary measures' on North Korea - China