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North Korea earthquake may be another nuclear test

24 Septembre 2017

It is wary of the fallout it would suffer if North Korea imploded, and it wants to preserve a buffer between itself and the United States forces based in South Korea. Many may not think too fondly of President Trump, but he is not the world's real problem. The big questions are how and when it will be used.

"We have to assume they "could" do it, but it is exceedingly provocative", said Vipin Narang, an Associate Professor of political science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "It looks like they were interested in providing one little final warning, especially to China".

The main reason for North Korea to take that risk would be to quiet outside doubts about whether it really has a thermonuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile, said Jeffrey Lewis, a USA arms control expert at the Middlebury Center of International Studies at Monterey. "It mostly comes from North Korea and it's been flooding northeastern China for years".

A peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is in line with the common will of the global community and will help prevent the tensions from spiralling out of control, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said. The Chinese Commerce Ministry stated that the limit on oil exports will begin on October 1 while the ban on textile imports has already gone into effect.

North Korea had protested to three global sporting federations that its requests to buy sports equipment for its athletes were being denied due to USA -led sanctions, Reuters reported on Thursday.

That's where the new powers Trump gave Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin come in. He suggests a deal in which the North would agree to halt missile flights over Japan or South Korea and the US would agree to stop its strategic bomber training flights within a certain distance of the North Korean border. "It would violate longstanding worldwide norms and would be a major challenge to the USA and Japan, in the latter case because it would overfly Japan's territory". USA dollars are the lifeblood of the global financial system and banks operating internationally need easy access to them. "If Russia wants to restore its role as a credible actor in resolving the situation with North Korea it can prove its good intentions by upholding its commitments to establish worldwide efforts on nuclear security and arms control".

The DMZ is a strip of land that has divided South Korea and North Korea since 1953.

China's central bank did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Those measures did not go far enough for Trump.

China's Big Four state-owned banks have stopped providing financial services to new North Korean clients, Reuters reported last week, with some measures beginning as early as the end of previous year. In that respect, North Korea has at its disposal a dedicated and systematically developed cyber army on call. By 2005, the Chinese were complaining about intercepted shipments of methamphetamine and MDMA being trafficked from North Korea.

"There should be no new nuclear weapons states, whether it is in the north or the south of the (Korean) peninsula, whether it is in Northeast Asia or elsewhere in the world", Wang said. This means taking into account all factors that affect security - "first and foremost" the US deployment of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense System, also known as THAAD, and "NATO's joint nuclear mission". Not only are his actions provoking the U.S., but they are alienating the only real friend he has in the world - China. Beijing, which has strongly opposed sanctions against its companies, could retaliate against US interests. It's fair to say, however, that the North Korean leadership is at best ambivalent about the notion of Chinese-style economic reform and "opening up".

Restricting North Korean energy imports, for one, can not but have an impact on the North Korean people themselves. "But...there are things that can be done before getting there".

The North has also threatened to launch a salvo of Hwasong-12s toward Guam, the U.S. Pacific military hub.

"Our new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund North Korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind", Trump said.

North Korea earthquake may be another nuclear test