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Jeremy Corbyn says Labour is 'ready for government'

27 Septembre 2017

Mr Corbyn added that Labour stood ready to take over Brexit negotiations from the Government, as he praised Sir Keir as well as Emily Thornberry - the shadow foreign secretary, and shadow worldwide trade secretary Barry Gardiner.

Under socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn, a parliamentary veteran, and his would-be finance minister John McDonnell, Labour has shifted from the centrist pro-business platform of former prime minister Tony Blair to a more interventionist left-wing pitch.

This week's conference has seen Labour adopt new rules to tackle anti-Semitism, although Unite leader Len McCluskey, a close ally of Mr Corbyn, claimed allegations of anti-Jewish sentiment within the party was "mood music" created by those wanting to "undermine" the Labour leader.

It was a confident, defiant and triumphant address that had the crowd on their feet nearly throughout.

"If this continues more people will naturally look to Labour as an alternative".

The vote forced Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May into a minority government, and set the mood at this conference mostly upbeat, with Corbyn feted by nearly all wings of the party.

"In June we won the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945".

Starmer said the Labour party was committed to the policy outcome, not the details of the institutional framework, as he pledged the party to becoming "the grown-ups in the room".

"We have to maintain tariff-free access to the European Union markets", said Mr Corbyn.

Corbyn will say that this is the thinking behind Labour's manifesto policy of extending free education to cover retraining throughout workers' lives to equip them for the new world of work.

He cited falling pay, rising homelessness, longer NHS waiting lists, rising child and in-work poverty, police officers losing their jobs and condemnation by the United Nations for disabled policies as evidence of Tory failings. Let everyone understand - we will not let you down.

Those "young, idealistic and cosmopolitan" voters are in huge evidence here this week and gave Labour a dramatic bounce at the election.

Mrs May, beset by splits among Conservatives over Brexit and weakened by her failure to win a parliamentary majority, must call an election by 2022 but may not be able to hold her government together that long. This was unashamed rabble-rousing stuff, and it will have the government anxious.

Corbyn said May's Conservatives, who are riven by infighting over the government's strategy on Brexit, were "hanging on by their fingertips".

Mr Leonard said he was "not persuaded" another referendum was necessary because he believed Labour could force an early general election when MPs reject the Brexit deal.

"This is the real centre of gravity of British politics". Political Conferences are always fun for party members, providing a chance to discuss issues of the day with like-minded people, but this year feels different.

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour is 'ready for government'