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Marco Rubio says Puerto Rico's challenges require a "more aggressive" federal response

27 Septembre 2017

Millions of people remain without power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm, wreaked havoc on the USA territory last week.

Most of the country remains without power, and many are without food, water and fuel. Some of the people are feeling like the United States federal government has forgotten them.

Aerial photo of the floadings in the costal town of Loiza, in the north shore of Puerto RicoHurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico leaving behind a path of destruction across the national territory.

Part of that may include restoring electrical power. Just 37% of people ages 18-29 knew that island-born boris are US citizens.

Yes, it's true that Texas and Florida are USA states, but Puerto Rico is a US territory, making it also a part of our nation. Five days later and little has changed as the U.S. territory is at risk of descending into a very real and very worrying humanitarian crisis. A text from her sister on Tuesday says she has also gotten sick and is anxious about the painful welts growing on her face. Volunteers have gathered to separate goods that will be sent to Puerto Rico.

President Donald Trump indicated he would visit Puerto Rico in early October to survey the damage and has ordered thousands of pounds of aid to the island.

Furthermore, the fact that our own president is only now going to Puerto Rico - a week after the hurricane hit - to offer his aid, is absolutely ridiculous.

Rubio said during a Facebook live Wednesday that he hasn't been to Puerto Rico yet, because he didn't want to be another body taking up precious space on one of the limited flights to the island. I wonder if he realizes that these are American citizens in Puerto Rico. Nope, he's tweeting that Puerto Rico should be dealing with its debts instead.

The Red Cross of western MA says they have dozens of trained disaster relief volunteers ready to deploy, but traveling to Puerto Rico is hard.

"She said 'we made it.' She said 'we don't have any food or water here.' She said there are long lines for the bank. And she said 'no I am not dead I am alive!'" says Tobar.

Marco Rubio says Puerto Rico's challenges require a