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Amazon Just Launched Bunch Of New Echo Devices

28 Septembre 2017

The new Echo can be purchased in pre-sale from September 27 and will hit the market on October 31. Called the Amazon Spheres, the 90-foot high glass and steel structures will be home to a lush botanical garden and a 60-foot "living wall" made of plants. It's shorter than the original, and Amazon is offering shells you can add on to better match your room. To do that, Amazon says you'll be able to ask the Plus to discover nearby devices, and it'll start looking across all three of those wireless standards, theoretically making it really easy to get new products hooked up to Alexa. It will cost $69 and supports 4k and HDR formats. It has the same 360-degree sound as original Echo but now supports Dolby sound. However it has a built-in ZigBee smart hub for controlling your home.

Along with fortifying its hardware lineup ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season, the Seattle-based internet titan also announced that Alexa smarts will be built into BMW and Mini automobiles by the middle of next year. Which makes it look a bit nicer than the original Echo.

Will I be returning my Apple TV 4K? "In the cloud and locally, synchronization is going on".

Each Echo Plus will ship with a starter bulb from Philips to get people hooked on smart home devices. The latest version of the Alexa-enabled device is smaller, provides improved sound, and can better pick up the users voice even in noisy situations.

"The Echo Spot is a completely new device which features a 2.5" circular screen with functionality similar to the Echo Dot including a line out jack and bluetooth for pairing with additional speakers. It's like a small smart alarm clock or kitchen hub that shows you weather or the time, but that's not all.

Like other Fire TV units, you'll have access to Netflix, Hulu, ESPN apps, Playstation Vue, Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, Amazon Video, and the rest of your favorite services. They come in packs of two for $US20, but instead of being tied to a specific device or vendor like Amazon's Dash Buttons, the Echo Buttons are multipurpose gadgets that Amazon says can be used to play games or other activities.

The Alexa team is paying attention to how you're using Alexa on your Echo, too. And the Echo Button - well, they're kind of the In Through the Out Door of the Echo catalog.

Amazon Just Launched Bunch Of New Echo Devices