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Google to compete with Echo Show

29 Septembre 2017

Amazon's Echo Show stands out from other smart speaker devices thanks to its large touchscreen, but it may soon stand out a little less because according to a report from TechCrunch, Google is working on a similar device.

Confused? We don't blame you. For now, Amazon has a big lead, capturing seven out of every 10 smart speaker customers in the United States, according to eMarketer.

The smart speaker that started it all.

This week, Amazon announced an entire new line of six different Alexa products. The price of the device is yet to be exactly known.

Word has it Google is finding some new inspiration from Amazon.

While most of this makes complete sense I question how ready Google's back end services would be to accept such a massive expansion to the Assistant/voice chat landscape.

I unfortunately was not able to really play with it, as the devices seen in the photos here are just demo units and not hooked up to anything.

Under the hood, however, there have been a number of improvements made.

The 4 October event will focus on Google Pixel devices - two, possibly three new Pixel phones are expected, along with a so-called Pixelbook to rival Microsoft's Surface range. Echo Spot delivers everything you love about Alexa with a smaller design and the added convenience of a circular screen so that Alexa can show you things. Priced at $149 (roughly Rs. 9,700), the Echo Plus will come with a complimentary Philips Hue smart bulb. One would probably have to connect the both manually using the 3.5mm port. The same facility is not included in Amazon Echo.

Are there already too many of these devices on the market?

The original target date for launching this was in the middle of 2018, but due to this Echo Show there arose an internal pressure of getting it launched by this year only.

A picture is worth a thousand words after all. One of the sources chirping about the product claims to have spoken directly with a Google employee. If you're after YouTube videos however, then you might be out of luck.

The news comes as Facebook also continues to work on its codename "Aloha" video calling screen.

The Amazon Echo Spot was also announced. Same screen size as Echo Show.

The last member of the Echo family is Echo Button. It also provides access to Alexa and supports optional video-calling support. It looks a lot like a Nest thermostat, but's created to sit on a bedside table or counter.

Google to compete with Echo Show