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ICE Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities - Arrests Nearly 500 on Immigration Charges

30 Septembre 2017

Matthew Albence of ICE directed the raids this week, and says they deliberately targeted cities and states, like MA, which prevent local law enforcement from assisting federal immigration authorities.

A total of 498 people from 42 countries, living in places from NY to California, were arrested on federal charges during what was called Operation Safe City.

ICE officials said the sweep targeted cities where deportation officers are not allowed into jails and prisons to interview "suspected immigration violators".

On the other hand, ICE agents have made 43 percent more arrests since Trump took office in January, in comparison to the same period previous year.

Known as "Operation 'Safe City", the raids hit cities like Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Denver, Portland, Cook County, Illinois, home to Chicago, and Clara County, Calif., and MA according to a press release.

The arrests included 15 people who do not have legal status or were violating the terms of their status, 6 had gone through immigration proceedings and were allegedly defying orders to leave the country and seven had previously been removed from the country and re-entered. The most arrests occurred in Philadelphia (107), followed by Los Angeles (101).

The raid, referred to as "Operation "Safe City" in anews release, spanned four days in cities through the USA, and ended Wednesday. After he was placed under arrest, a search of his person revealed a loaded handgun in his pocket.

Sources at the Mexican Consulate in San Jose said Santa Clara County has been averaging about two immigration detentions per week-not including times when ICE ramps up arrests as part of targeted campaigns, such as the one this week. This category of non-citizens was considered a low priority in the latter years of the Obama administration, but President Donald Trump has widened the dragnet.

Sessions recently denounced a bill passed this month by the California Legislature to limit communication between federal immigration agents and state and local law enforcement, among other provisions.

In both cases, ICE said, these felons were released from local jails before ICE could take them into federal custody. The preliminary injunction applied to cities nationwide. However, sanctuary jurisdictions or cities generally express unwillingness to cooperate with ICE and offer protections to undocumented immigrants. He said steps the Trump administration was taking to discourage sanctuary policies would help officials "take down MS-13 and other violent transnational gangs, and make our country safer".

"Public safety is about all of us being safe from the hands of Trump's criminalization machine and can not be defined by ICE agents who knock down the doors of our homes with guns and drag people out in front of their children", Almiron said in a statement.

ICE Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities - Arrests Nearly 500 on Immigration Charges