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Replicant or human? 'Blade Runner 2049' reignites existential debate

02 Octobre 2017

At the beginning of the video, Villeneuve introduces the clip and explains that it's one of a series that Bridges the timeline between the original film and the even darker Earth we expect to see next weekend in theaters.

"Blade Runner 2049" takes place 30 years after the original film, when human-like robots called Replicants were hunted by police officers called "blade runners" in a dystopian Los Angeles.

Veteran actor Harrison Ford couldn't remember the name of his "Blade Runner 2049" co-star Ryan Gosling during a show.

Ryan Gosling takes the lead in Blade Runner 2049, which has won rave reviews from critics ahead of its release. He will again play Indy in the fifth Indiana Jones movie, out in 2020, and he will return as Rick Deckard in the new Blade Runner 2049, which opens here next Thursday. Julianne Moore, who previously worked with Haynes in Far From Heaven and Safe, reunites with Haynes in the feature that's adapted by Brian Selznick's book. I read it and I thought it was awesome. With the first notice hot of Blade Runner 2049 announce a film incredibly spectacular and at the height of the masterpiece original Ridley Scott.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes it would appear that one single reviewer didn't get the memo that the original Blade Runner was the baseline starting-point for every sci-fi that came after. And what can I say? And like Deckard, his assignments lead him into a byzantine labyrinth of dark and unsafe characters and plot twists worthy of any Raymond Chandler or James M. Cain tale, tinged with sci-fi existentialism. The new Replicants, the Nexus 9, are more compliant and obedient: they are realistic enough that you can't quite figure out who is or isn't one. Along the way, he also seeks out Deckard (Harrison Ford, reprising his role from the original). "I insisted to add that", says Villeneuve, "so it will really create a distance with the world".

Villeneuve, the Oscar-winning French-Canadian director of "Arrival" and "Sicario", is a thoughtful man, considering each question carefully before replying in his slightly gravelly, French-accented voice.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..." is how the most famous piece of dialogue in Blade Runner, spoken by Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), begins. "They have given me fulfilment beyond my wildest imagination, and they have given me objective".

Gravity and The Martian aside from both being sci-fi films are also respectively October's two best openings of the year with $55.7M and $54.3M.

"The science that we posited in the first film has proved to be eerily on the mark". This is Ridley Scott's proof that Deckard is himself a Replicant, turning Blade Runner from a standard detective story into a question of identity, whereas the previous versions made it clear Deckard was a human. And It's a pretty safe bet that Gosling hit up Puk or another MMA/ Muay Thai trainer to get into Blade Runner shape.

Replicant or human? 'Blade Runner 2049' reignites existential debate