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Spotify kills Microsoft's Groove Music

03 Octobre 2017

Users can move their playlists and songs to Spotify to keep enjoying it on new music streaming service. But if you have used Groove Music to stream music from OneDrive, you'll probably be disappointed to know that Spotify doesn't offer any similar functionality that lets you upload your own music and store it in the cloud.

The company has said that it will continue to support playback and management of owned content via the Groove Music app.

The partnership isn't a surprise since Microsoft and Spotify has been working together to bring the streaming service to PCs via a Windows 10 app and to Xbox One.

Microsoft has announced that it is winding down some of the functionality of its Groove Music service, pushing customers over to Spotify instead. Offering an automatic transfer to Spotify is a nice surprise though, at least those who did invest in Groove Music won't lose their entire collection this way. But the efforts did not turn out well and Microsoft is finally giving up on Groove Music and moving its customers to Spotify. Music services has never been an important part of the business, and Microsoft has never disclosed metrics around Groove. The app itself will still play previously downloaded music, but all of the streaming services and music purchase options will cease. Obviously, Groove Music Pass did not pan out financially as the company expected.

Windows Insiders will be able to test this out with the next update, which is scheduled to roll out next week.

An FAQ on the above has been prepared by Microsoft in anticipation of user puzzlement. Microsoft is also planning a migration tool that will convert music held locally into a collection on Spotify. Killing off Groove Music seems like the right move, and hopefully it will allow Microsoft to focus on more important and worthwhile ventures.

Groove Music will be discontinued on 31 December 2017, and those with active subscriptions will receive a pro-rata discount from then. Next week, Microsoft will launch a Groove Music update that'll kickstart process.

Spotify kills Microsoft's Groove Music