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Elizabeth Warren gets her turn to grill Equifax CEO today

04 Octobre 2017

"Equifax is trying another sleight of hand to avoid responsibility", Warren said. The fallout from the hack has seen three top executives leave the company, including Richard Smith, who served as CEO for 12 years. NY has also issued a subpoena in regards to the massive breach and the city of San Francisco has opened up a lawsuit against Equifax on behalf of the 15 million Californians affected by the hack.

The company says its chief information officer and chief security officer are retiring.

"We're all going to have to work together to make sure that consumers are protected across the board", Lewis said, "this is just a new age, a new era where so much information is available across the board".

The Equifax data breach that leaked information on the now-145 million people was caused by a vulnerability in Apache's Struts system.

Smith faced questions from legislators about Equifax's botched response to the breach, the months-long delay in announcing it and whether consumers will be compensated for damage caused by identity theft.

The short-term contract was a sole-source order, meaning the government didn't believe any other company could perform the service it was asking of Equifax, according to records the agency posted on September 30.

The company said that cybersecurity firm Mandiant, which is investigating the breach, has found no new hacker "activity" since the breach, which began in the spring.

Rep. Bob Latta, R-Ohio, the chairman of the subcommittee examining the breach, said there are already laws on the books that require companies to secure sensitive consumer data.

Equifax makes money by selling your personal information to banks, credit card companies, and basically any financial institution that would lend consumers money.

"That is my understanding, sir", Smith said.

An automatic scan for vulnerabilities on March 15th also failed to indicate that Equifax was using a Struts version that had the vulnerability.

"This action was to establish an order for third party data services from Equifax to verify taxpayer identity and to assist in ongoing identity verification and validations needs of the Service", according to the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Newly retired Equifax CEO Richard Smith told House members: "As CEO, I was ultimately responsible for what happened on my watch, ". However, Smith said, the system failed to identify any vulnerabilities. He said an internal investigation ensued and he was alerted the next day, but he had no knowledge at that time that consumers' personal information had been accessed.

Lenders may not stop sharing information with Equifax, but they could put pressure on the company with a lawsuit.

Customers from United Kingdom have not yet been notified with confirmation of compromised data because analysis of results is taking place locally in a joint effort with UK regulators.

Elizabeth Warren gets her turn to grill Equifax CEO today