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Google takes on Sonos, Apple with Google Home Max

04 Octobre 2017

Destined to be endlessly messed with by your cat, the Home Mini will be the cheapest way for buyers to enter the Google Home ecosystem.

Don't expect big sound out of the new Google Home Mini - the diminutive size means this is more focused on being a voice assistant than being a killer speaker.

The Google Home Max will be available in the United States in December, but pre-orders will open 13 November.

Even if you are not a Nest owner, according to Google the feature will function with over 1000 smart home products of over 100 different brands. The Home Mini's arrival is known for a while since information leaked out a few weeks ago. The announcement of this device followed the announcement of the Google Home Mini - a miniature version of the Google Home. It has four L.E.D light. It will retail for $49. It costs $50 and will be available in stores on October 19 (pre-orders start today). Product manager James Howarth said Google has been working on the speaker for about a year. Nest says that it combine machine learning and gadgets to make people life easier.

Another thing that Google introduced to Google Home was voice recognition.

The Home Mini looks very much like a small-sized Google Home device. And good news! You can already grab this latest update to the Google Home application in the Play Store, so be on the lookout for an app update coming soon. The new Amazon Echo-Dot like digital butler is a cheaper, smaller and a less feature-packed device over its larger sibling, the Google Home. Google Max is powered by smart sound based on AI technology. The new AI software automatically adjusts the sound-levels depending on the environment.

The device works horizontally and vertically, and supports multiple services - including Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora. Google Max has Google Assistant built in it. Users can get it in chalk or charcoal colour options.

The Google Home Max is made up of two 4.5-inch woofers paired with tweeters.

Google takes on Sonos, Apple with Google Home Max