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Amazon starts selling Echo in Asia, starting with India

05 Octobre 2017

Gadget Actions API allows you to control your Alexa Gadget to move motors, flash lights, or trigger other actions based on a customer interaction with Alexa.

At the moment you'll only have complete voice control over the following music services: Amazon Music, Pandora and TuneIn however Sonos plans to add full Spotify voice control before Christmas. In doing so, the smart speaker will be the first to support multiple voice services. The Sonos One can also be paired with the Sonos Playbase or the Playbar to create a makeshift surround sound system for watching TV shows or movies.

And Amazon, who powers Alexa, says their assistant is always getting smarter through cloud updates so expect the Sonos One to do more in the future.

You can pre-order the Sonos One today for Available US$199, and it begins shipping on October 24th. And since Alexa is built right into the speaker, users can use it the same way they would with a regular Echo device.

You may be forgiven for missing it amongst the Pixel noise but overnight Sonos announced their very own high end smart speaker, the Sonos One.

Alexa has become increasingly popular in the U.S. market but has no market presence in Australia, although that will change when Amazon releases local versions of its Echo and Alexa smart speakers - a move which some tip will happen by year's end. Apple AirPlay 2 support, meanwhile, will also arrive next year, making it possible to play sound from an iOS device on Sonos speakers and use Siri to control music.

You can use voice commands such as Alexa Stop, Alexa Next, Alexa Previous and Alexa Shuffle to control the music player.

Amazon has announced three new Echo speakers at the company's event in Seattle. That'll be available through a free update that goes live today.

Basically, the Amazon Alexa Echo speakers in some countries, especially in the US allows the users to make calls between Alexa users. That price would make it more expensive than the new series of Amazon speakers including the $149.99 Amazon Echo Plus, though cheaper than the upcoming $349 Apple HomePod, due in December. "The voice services that we've been working with, we've been building relationships for years now". Unfortunately, you won't be able to pair the Sonos One with an older Play One speaker that you may have laying around.