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Netflix is raising the prices to its most popular plans

05 Octobre 2017

The one streaming package that isn't being hit by the Netflix price increase is the one that only allows users to stream to a single device at a time.

Their new Standard plan, which featured HD, which had been offered to recent customers for $9 a month and older customers for $8, was being raised to $10. Netflix's 4K streaming plan, which provides higher-quality content, will cost $14 per month, a $2 increase. Netflix will begin raising prices in November and by December it plans to have all users on its new pricing tiers. Users will begin getting their 30-day notification of the increase on October 19, according to Mashable.

After the news came out, Netflix stock rose to $191.83 a share, up more than 4%.

The two-screen high definition subscription plan will go up $1 in cost per month.

You might notice something different on your Netflix bill starting next month.

Analysts predict Netflix will see subscriptions rise to more than 160 million within the next three years, with worldwide customers becoming the largest audience. But as streaming services mature, and more and more of them pop up, sooner or later they're going to find customers being pickier as prices go up. Let us know below.

Looking forward to the second season of Stranger Things?

Netflix has several competitors in other streaming services like Hulu, that just grabbed a Golden Globe for best drama, that costs $7.99 a month with commercials.

With increased prices comes new features, according to Netflix. Next year, Netflix will likely spend $7 billion, chief content officer Ted Sarandos said earlier this week at a Vanity Fair entertainment conference in Los Angeles.

Netflix is raising the prices to its most popular plans