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Former housing minister emerges as leader of plot to dethrone PM

06 Octobre 2017

During the speech, Theresa May pointed out the countries housing crisis and promised that more homes will be built to deal with the crisis. Vaizey was a culture minister under May's predecessor and left when David Cameron resigned.

"Strangely the faltering voice actually heightened the sense of her tenacity and her commitment to go through the adversity".

But those loyal to the prime minister said it was clear that the rebels lacked the 48 MPs they needed to force a contest under the party rules, and questioned whether they could even muster as many as 30.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, wrote on Twitter that she had "huge respect" for May's performance despite the difficulties.

Other MPs expressed concern that any plot to remove the Prime Minister would seriously damage Brexit talks with the EU. Instead of boosting May's party's power in Parliament, the vote cost the Tories their majority in the House of Commons. Midway through the speech, a man walked up and handed May a P45 - the form given to people being laid off in Britain.

"Prime Minister to be praised for pressing on with speech, despite: coughing fit, stage set falling apart and a so-called comedian/prankster,"he posted".

In Manchester, cabinet ministers have been lining up to condemn the Labour leader, with Johnson accusing him of "economic masochism" and joking he would like to send him into space.

Most MPs Sky News contacted said Mrs May should stay on for the good of party and country, praising her "grit" after a problem-plagued conference speech.

The Conservatives' former co-chairman told the BBC: "Sometimes when things happen you just have to take responsibility for them and I think that's what should happen here".

One Tory MP claimed the Foreign Secretary's allies had "magnified" their soundings out of support among colleagues.

Shapps said in media interviews: "I believe Theresa May is very decent person and unfortunately fought an election that didn't work out". "We don't want to strengthen Michel Barnier's hand during the negotiations".

When David Cameron resigned following the Brexit vote in June previous year, five Tory MPs - Theresa May, Andrea Leadsom, Michael Gove, Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox stood for the leadership.

The Times reports that Tory MPs warned that Theresa May was "one crisis from the exit" after the most shambolic conference speech in memory.

The BBC cited former culture minister Ed Vaizey as saying "quite a few" Conservative MPs thought May should go, although there was no sign of significant numbers to force the issue.

Former housing minister emerges as leader of plot to dethrone PM