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Local EMAs eye Tropical Storm Nate

06 Octobre 2017

BP Plc (L:) said on Thursday it was shutting-in all oil and production from its U.S. Gulf of Mexico platforms ahead of Tropical Storm Nate.

Nate is still expected to make a northern Gulf landfall likely in Eastern Louisiana by Sunday morning as a strong tropical storm, or Category 1 hurricane.

Blowing maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (64 kph), Nate was expected to move across northeastern Nicaragua and eastern Honduras on Thursday and enter the northwestern Caribbean Sea on Thursday night. "It is important for Alabama residents to understand the potential threat of this storm goes beyond the coastal counties".

Park staff will finalize the closure of all seashore operations and offices as Tropical Storm Nate continues to approach, after which the park's incident management team will monitor the storm from a safe location.

Forecasters say the system is near the coast of Nicaragua.

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) - Newly formed Tropical Storm Nate was blamed Thursday for at least ... Honduras and Belize could get between five and 10 inches.

The shift in track comes after a tropical wave passing just south of the Florida Keys became better organized last night.

Nate is being steered by a high pressure ridge over the southeastern Bahamas and central Caribbean. It could hit the U.S. Gulf coast near New Orleans.

"Any changes in track are more impactful because (Caribbean storms) are closer to land".

A turn toward the north-northwest is expected overnight, with Nate accelerating along that heading through Saturday. But how much depends on how organized the core remains, they said.

The annual rainy season is now underway in Central America, a five-month period typically ending in November in which the risk of flooding and mudslides rise.

The 2017 hurricane season is one of the worst on record, according to Business Insider.

Local EMAs eye Tropical Storm Nate