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Trump denies Tillerson threatened to resign

06 Octobre 2017

"That's going to have to be - you can say goodbye to that".

Shortly after the report emerged, Tillerson said at a briefing that he remained strongly committed to Trump and had never considered leaving his job.

"The places I come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense, and it's meant to do nothing but divide people", Tillerson said.

Asked specifically if he meant officials like Tillerson, Mattis, and Kelly are preventing Trump-imposed "chaos", Corker didn't answer directly.

Corker, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, added that he believed Tillerson had good reason to be frustrated with the Trump administration.

Before and after: A post at Axios contrasts Tillerson's life as the CEO of Exxon, where he called all the shots and reined almost like a king, with his new role.

Tillerson has advocated for staying in the agreement and addressing Iran's "malign activity" elsewhere in the region through other means. And I'm just not going to be part of this effort to divide this administration.

On Wednesday, in a hastily arranged press conference, Tillerson pushed back against the report but refused to deny several key points made by the story.

But repeatedly, Trump has carried a different message, especially on Twitter.

"President Trump's foreign policy goals break the mould of what people traditionally think of what is achievable", Mr Tillerson said. Now, Republicans have come out in the last few days and said that Tillerson, Mattis, and John Kelly, Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, not Steve Mnuchin, are the only ones preventing chaos within the White House, so it's interesting as to why Mnuchin would be included in the suicide pact and not General Kelly, but regardless, Mnuchin's in there, and to be honest, I say let them go.

If Rex Tillerson owned up to calling the president a "moron" he'd be fired immediately, but he'd also earn the respect of many Americans and governments around the world.

He has taken a more hawkish view on Russian Federation and tried to mediate a dispute among key U.S. Mideast allies after four Arab nations boycotted Qatar over its alleged extremist ties.

She said Mr Tillerson had told her that he did not make the comment and she took him at his word.

But his public loyalty to Trump hasn't always been rewarded with support from the top.

"Nations spoke to me about confronting Qatar over its behavior". And how long will Tillerson put up with this humiliation, when it's self- evident that his concept of serving the national interest collides with the relentless care and feeding of Trump's image? "We have to stop the funding of terrorism".

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives at a military base in Subang, Malaysia, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017.

And he heaped praise on the president, who he was certain to call "smart". He has bristled at being undercut, as he was over the weekend when Mr Trump publicly said Mr Tillerson was "wasting his time" by trying to open talks with North Korea.

The most personal of their differences was an understated rebuke of Trump by the carefully spoken Tillerson.

Tillerson's pressure on Trump to certify Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal in July made him more upset, but almost every administration official was on Tillerson's side, making it harder for Trump to fully blame him. Accountability is one of the bedrock values the President and I share. Pence reportedly told him that it was important that he not say bad things about the president out loud.

Trump issued another tweet following Tillerson's remarks, emphasizing his denial of the report and repeating his claim that NBC is a purveyor of "fake news".

Trump denies Tillerson threatened to resign