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USA immigration: Thousands of dreamers could lose protection as deadline DACA looms

06 Octobre 2017

Among U.S. counties, Orange County has the fourth-largest population of people eligible for DACA protection, with an estimated 54,000 eligible previous year, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute.

We've always thought about "Dreamers" as someone's children - but what many don't realize is that over 250,000 of them are also now someone's parents.

Lindsey Graham, the bipartisan Dream Act would give undocumented people brought to the USA a pathway to citizenship if they meet certain conditions.

The Colorado Dreamers were among almost 150 from across the US who were in the nation's capital seeking clarity about their future.

NOTE: Ariana is a pseudonym; the photo above is a stock image and does not depict Ariana or any of her children.

She is referring to the application to renew status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA-also referred to as the Dream Act, because it allowed those brought here illegally as children, who grew up here to pursue their dreams of education and employment. She was born in Mexico and brought to Texas when she was 3 years old. He calls DACA a blessing because it's allowed him to work a good job while attending college full-time.

"There is a fear out there that this is not an opportunity, and we really need to remind folks that this is your opportunity". "I don't see that happening". If ICE comes to your house what are you going to do? And I think what it is, is that people are scared.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the winding down of DACA in September, calling it an unconstitutional exercise of power by the previous administration.

Others who spoke specified that they want a "clean" DREAM Act with "no strings attached", no funding for a border wall and no border security measures. Studies have shown that when physicians train in teams that are culturally diverse, it improves outcomes because everyone is sensitized to the needs and customs of patients from immigrant and minority backgrounds.

This is my home.

"It represents my life, my future, my family", said Medrano.

"We at the Hope CommUnity Center are teaching our community those rights".

"What do you mean I don't have papers?" They have friends and family members with a wide variety of legal statuses living and working productively in communities across Colorado and the country.

"I didn't have an answer", she said. "We just forget about other people's struggles and other people's narratives".

Supporters of DACA are urging congress to pass "A Clean Dream Act". I did not know what breaking the law was.

"Basically you know that you're protected if you have some type of permit", Vega said, "if you don't you don't know what's going to happen next".

"It's so hard to watch them suffer".

Colorado senators Michael Bennet, a Democrat, and Cory Gardner, a Republican, have both signed on as co-sponsors of the current version of the DREAM Act, which has been kicking around Congress in one form or another since 2001.

USA immigration: Thousands of dreamers could lose protection as deadline DACA looms