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GOP signals willingness to look at gun accessories

07 Octobre 2017

Some retailers, including Walmart and Cabela's, that sold bump stocks online have taken the items off their sites. But they are legal under federal firearms rules, and can be purchased without the rigorous background check and other restrictions on an automatic weapon.

The part is selling out as many gun users look to take advantage before lawmakers make a decision on them. "I like to learn how to put them accurately in one spot". When asked if people should be limited to how many guns they own, a couple people say no! The gun rights group said just before Sanders spoke that it supported a review of bump stocks, and suggested they should be subject to additional regulation.

California outlawed devices commonly referred to as "bullet buttons", which allow a person to more quickly detach magazines by using a narrow-tipped tool like a bullet, after shooters in San Bernardino used guns equipped with bullet buttons in a mass 2015 shooting.

Details about the lone Vegas shooter and his many weapons are still being investigated. Had he not used those modified weapons, experts say the carnage he produced - 58 dead and almost 500 injured - would have been considerably less.

"The NRA believes that devices created to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations", the statement said.

Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo told ABC News that he hoped to introduce bipartisan legislation to ban bump stocks as soon as Thursday.

The right-wing media and President Donald Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway had criticized Obama earlier in the day on CNN for supposedly being lax on bump stocks. Efforts to reach Marcotte were unsuccessful.

Bump stocks are modifications that convert semi-automatic guns into fully automatic weapons, which were supposedly created with the idea of making it easier for people with disabilities to shoot. ABC News64 years old Suspected gunman Stephen Paddock was 64 years old when he went on his rampage Sunday before killing himself, according to authorities.

"It was either a highly modified rifle that was capable of automatic gunfire or definitely had an automatic weapon", said Coley. "Compared to millions of gun owners, that's not a big number". She authored legislation to ban assault weapons in 2013 that failed in the Senate, 40-60.

"There wasn't a particularly large inventory stock of these to begin with", said Rommel Dionisio, a gun industry analyst at Aegis Capital.

Instead, we believe these are the very people who should lead these discussions and bring this nation to a better understanding of why these things happen and how we can stop them.

GOP signals willingness to look at gun accessories