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Puerto Rico Faces an Imminent Medicaid Funding Crisis, Too

07 Octobre 2017

The president has bristled at criticism of federal hurricane relief efforts, claiming that local authorities could have made greater efforts to help, and relief efforts for an island faced unique challenges. Mapp said, "There is no country that responds to disasters like the United States of America".

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez and 10 state lawmakers from Florida distributed aid in Puerto Rico on Monday ahead of Trump's visit.

She says thinking of the devastation on the island is hard.

"As a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, families from Puerto Rico and elsewhere have relocated to Florida", said Scott. Without urgent congressional action, Puerto Rico will lack sufficient funds to continue operating Medicaid in 2018. And while family members across the United States watch from afar as their mothers, fathers, and grandparents suffer, the US response has been widely criticized as slow and inadequate, leaving millions at risk.

Canada is advising their residents to "avoid non-essential travel to the Florida Keys and Naples due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma".

After Hurricane Harvey - which devastated Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas - Trump took a brief visit during which he failed to meet with a single victim of the hurricane and held a small rally where he bragged about how many people came out to see him. "I'm very proud to be Puerto Rican and have good friends".

Pence says the United States has 14 Navy and Coast Guard ships near the island, and says the USA has been making "steady progress" on other challenges, such as opening roads. "Entire communities were destroyed and we do not know how long it will take to restore schools and other essential infrastructure".

At the time, Cruz said that she would accept the shipment in spite of potential pressure from the United States government, which approved economic sanctions against Venezuela in August. The major of San Juan was not impressed by the president's showmanship, especially after he "joked" that the territory was draining the US budget. It means helping to rebuild the island territory in a way that makes it better able to withstand the next tropical storm or hurricane.

Numerous locals shared their frustrations with getting help to their families all over the island.

A number of for targeting the Puerto Rico official while spending the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

Puerto Rico Faces an Imminent Medicaid Funding Crisis, Too