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Puerto Rico: Trump is 'miscommunicator in chief', says mayor

07 Octobre 2017

But after Maria struck Puerto Rico, the local mobile phone operator of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim proved more reliable than some U.S. competitors during the early days of the communications outage across the island of 3.4 million people.

Mr Trump had criticism of his own about the local response. "You don't need 'em anymore!" as he handed out flashlights to islanders who in fact very much need them.

There is still no power; half the 3.4 million people do not have running water; 65 per cent are without communications; and nearly 9,000 have been forced from their homes. Trump said this in front of victims and island government members. She also called Donald Trump more "miscommunicator in chief" than commander in chief.

CNN's Leyla Santiago reporting from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

"Sixteen people certified. Sixteen people versus in the thousands". "And I think what you saw the president talking about was his acknowledgment that Puerto Rico is going to have to figure out a way to solve that debt problem in order to fix itself going forward".

In a statement made during his visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump said that the United States territory could be "very proud" of the low death count in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which slammed the island two weeks ago. When he passed out flashlights, the president informed the residents, "Flashlights".

Gentilin specializes in telemetry nursing, but she is going to Puerto Rico to provide medical aid in any way they want her to, she said.

FEMA spokesman William Booher noted that the statistics remain on a website maintained by Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, which now indicates 54 percent of Puerto Ricans have access to drinking water and 9.2 percent have electricity.

Known deaths from Maria in Puerto Rico stand at 34, The Associated Press reported.

"But that's fine because we've saved a lot of lives".

When Trump touched down Tuesday, Cruz joined other officials at the air base for a briefing with Trump and shook his hand. As of Tuesday, only about 5 percent of the island's customers had their power restored.

Trump also promised a humanitarian effort with regards to the damage the commonwealth suffered from Hurricane Maria.

Upon arriving in San Juan, the president talked a little about his previous visits to Puerto Rico and how the island had just the best weather -save for the hurricanes.

Puerto Rico: Trump is 'miscommunicator in chief', says mayor