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Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Anti-Anxiety Drug

07 Octobre 2017

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's father was a bank robber.

"We're trying to understand his intent. and whether or not he has any accomplices", Lombardo said.

"I called her up immediately and she said, "Relax, we shouldn't worry about it".

Almost 500 people were also injured when Paddock, 64, strafed an outdoor concert with gunfire on Sunday night from his 32nd-floor suite of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Some of the firearms recovered from his hotel room had scopes, while two were reportedly modified to make them fully automatic.

"It's not legal to purchase a fully automatic weapon, but it's not that hard to convert legal semiautomatic weapons so that they are fully automatic", he said.

Authorities say the gunman set up cameras inside and outside the hotel room where he opened fire on the crowd at a country music concert. He did not elaborate.

Las Vegas officials added that there was no connection between the gunman and any global terrorist group.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump met privately with victims at a Las Vegas hospital Wednesday and then with police officers and dispatchers, praising them and the doctors who treated the wounded.

The Department of Foreign affairs (DFA) is also in the process of determining the whereabouts of Danley.

Ms Danley's brother in the Philippines said she had a "clean conscience".

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Wednesday night said he believed there was evidence that Stephen Paddock may have had additional plans after his shooting rampage in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The Las Vegas shooting was carried out by a man who, as of midday Monday, was described as "just a guy", who had no history of mental illness, who only had a minor traffic violation on his record and who retired to Nevada because he like to gamble. But the sheriff said he didn't know what, if anything, Paddock planned with the explosives.

Paddock had recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a USA law enforcement source confirmed to CNN. No motive for the attack was clear Wednesday, though Federal Bureau of Investigation officials were meeting with Paddock apparent girlfriend Marilou Danley, who they say is a "person of interest".

Investigators are also examining a US$100,000 (RM423,750) wire transfer that Paddock sent to an account in the Philippines that appeared to be intended for Danley, a senior United States homeland security official told Reuters yesterday.

Stephen Paddock, the man identified as the Las Vegas mass murderer, was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug that can lead to aggressive behavior, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The FBI is working with Philippine authorities to get more details.

Before releasing the claim that it was responsible for the Las Vegas shooting, the ISIS had released posters celebrating the mass shooting. Law enforcement officials are still in the process of examining firearms to determine if they were capable of firing automatically.

Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Anti-Anxiety Drug