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VX used solelyas chemical weapon, court told

07 Octobre 2017

He was poisoned with the nerve agent VX, which was administered by two young women who (I warned you this was a strange tale) had no idea they were administering a lethal agent but had been recruited, presumably by North Korean agents, and thought they were participating in some kind of prank.

An 11-page postmortem report conducted two days after Kim Jong Nam's death has been presented as evidence to the court, but the defense on Monday successfully argued for some elements of the report to be expunged, claiming they represented hear-say and were not admissible as evidence.

Earlier witnesses had identified acute VX poisoning as the cause of Kim's death and testified that the nerve agent was found on Kim Jong Nam's body and belongings.

Yong Suk Lee, the deputy assistant director of CIA's Korea Mission Center, said Wednesday that the hermit kingdom's leader was not the war hawk he has been portrayed as, The Washington Times reported.

Raja said VX is oily and difficult to detect because it is colorless and odorless, and can be easily transported in a water bottle.

If the United States were to remove Kim Jong Un by force, he said Russia could face a refugee and humanitarian crisis on its border, while the weapons and technology Pyongyang is developing could fall into even more dangerous non-state hands.

The estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was killed with a banned nerve agent on February 13.

Donald Trump has continued to respond to North Korean threats on Twitter, most recently referring to Kim Jong Un as 'Little Rocket Man' and urging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to avoid negotiations with him.

"Multiple nuclear weapon detonations on both Seoul and Tokyo based on the current North Korea yield estimates could result in anywhere from 400,000 to 2 million deaths", the report's author Michael J. Zagurek Jr. wrote.

She said the antidote for VX was 'atropine' which served to stop the effects of excessive neurotransmitters.

He also agreed to a suggestion by Naran that there was pressure from other parties on the case.

"It seems to me that Trump's foreign interventions are guided mostly by his desire to make himself look tough rather than any real knowledge or interest in the situation", Campos said.

"Each party has its own plans for action in the event of an emergency, but if they act individually without communicating with others, it raises the possibility of misjudgment and unnecessary military conflicts", said Jia Qingguo, dean of the school of International Studies at elite Peking University.

The top priority of North Korea's leaders is to preserve their regime and keep it as free as possible from outside control.

Diplomatic relations between North Korea and Malaysia, once somewhat friendly, collapsed as a result of the murder.

He arrived in the country on Feb 6. "And it will be done, if necessary, believe me".

For this to be triumphant many world powers such as the United States, China, Japan, and Russia must come together on a similar plan and discuss the necessary security arrangements as we move forward.

VX used solelyas chemical weapon, court told