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Final JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Teases Superman's Return

08 Octobre 2017

Outside of monetary concerns, it looks as if Warner Bros.is adapting its approach to the DCEU and its comic book properties regardless of Justice League's reception. It's an action-packed, all-star affair featuring DC's most iconic heroes, check it out above.

The Justice League film-which will see Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, the Flash, Cyborg, and Superman grace the screen together-has been a subject of massive anticipation for years now.

The trailer then gives a few new clips of the heroes in action. While it's doubtful that Clark Kent will be going through an existential crisis in Justice League, it'll be interesting to see which way they push his character. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while a hit, didn't win the hearts and minds of moviegoers around the world like The Avengers did.

Here it is! The final Trailer for Justice League!

This isn't the first time Cavill has teased Superman's role in Justice League, something he's gotten quite skilled at. It is always a treat to witness superheroes using their powers. "This is the only way", says Batman.

What did you think of this trailer? However, I have to be cautiously optimistic. We also glimpse Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons) and a band of Amazons who, along with their horses, apparently left Themyscira to fight the big bad. However, with only Wonder Woman getting a decent critical reaction in the run-up to the superhero team-up, enthusiasm for the film has been somewhat dampened. Following the speculations about "extensive reshoots" and script changes, this trailer will determine fans' reaction to Joss Whedon touch. "I made him a promise". My hope is it will be something the DC Universe can put its hat on to compete with Marvel.

Final JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Teases Superman's Return