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Man held after 11 are injured in London collision

08 Octobre 2017

One policeman was shouting 'don't stop running!' "Keep moving back", while one policeman can be heard yelling "move please" at the top of his lungs.

The crash, according to eye-witnesses, happened at 2:20 pm. We couldn't see outside. "Then the guy was screaming", he told the paper. We thought there might be an active shooter.

"Because I thought, this is odd for a vehicle - it must have been going pretty slow there to career across and do all that damage". I'm still shaking a bit. The police arrived a few minutes later. Police said none of the injuries were life-threatening or life-changing and the majority of those hospitalised had now been discharged. We just ran. My friend dived on the floor and cut her hands.

"My mum was calling me and telling me I shouldn't have come to London for my birthday". He said: "If it's not deliberate I don't understand how it kept on going. We're all shook up".

Ms Parry said she believed the cyclist was a man in his twenties, and did not appear to be wearing a crash helmet.

A witness said a nearby Tube station was closed.

South Kensington's museums attracted more than 10 million visitors a year ago and London is among the world's most visited cities, famed for open spaces including Hyde Park, Covent Garden and Oxford Street.

Armed police were deployed to the scene and the whole area was cordoned off.

Metropolitan Police reported a vehicle drove into a crowd of people outside London's Natural History Museum, injuring a number of people.

The collision raised concerns after a series of terror attacks this year in London involving vehicles ramming pedestrians.

As reported by Reuters, McKenna went on to say their crews worked closely with other emergency service teams at the scene of the incident and that their priority had been to get the victims to safety.

According to reports, London Police have arrested a man from the scene.

However, Metropolitan Police said in a statement that although their inquiries continue, the incident outside the museum was being treated as a road traffic collision and was not terror-related.

Man held after 11 are injured in London collision