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The $49 Home Mini is Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Dot

08 Octobre 2017

The larger, Google Assistant-powered device is likely to compete with the new Alexa-enabled Sonos One and the Siri-powered Apple HomePod and is priced as such. "Parents are gonna love this feature", said Google Home lead Rishi Chandra. So "Hey Google, goodnight!" can turn off your lights, turn down the temperature, and let you know tomorrow's first meeting. Well, it's tiny. It looks kind of like a jelly-filled doughnut.

Thanks to the Google Assistant you'll also be able to ask the name of songs, just by humming the tune.

It is capable of making calendar appointments, searching the web to answer questions, controlling your smart home appliances and music streams, and is created to be scattered throughout multiple rooms in the home.

On the back of the device there's a little switch for turning on and off the microphone (if you remember, the Google Home had a button that served the same function) and a small microUSB port for power. It can't give you music-grade speakers, rather it is convenient for news updates, weather, podcasts, and stuff like that.

These technologies will also apply to existing Google Home speakers.

Google kicked off its hardware event today with a couple of new additions to its line of connected speaker products for the home.

As we reported earlier, a more prominent variant of the Google Home was in works.

The Google Home Max is the loudest Google Home device, and has been made to deliver the ultimate audio experience. It's a whopping 20X louder than the original Google Home and is created to give the best music experience possible.

The Home Max is a larger - and pricier - speaker created to please serious audiophiles. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth! Two new updates to Home are on the way, and it appears as though Google wants to target its competitors at both the high and low ends of the smart speaker market. But it's a Google speaker so it's smart too and comes packing a feature Google calls Smart Sound. This means that no matter where the speaker is placed, the sound will be close to what the producers intended when the track was put together in a studio. It adapts to you and your surroundings. It can stream music from YouTube Music and Spotify (with a free or paid-for subscription). The device, which packs Google's voice-controlled Google Assistant is very much similar to recently launched Amazon's Echo Dot.

The $49 Home Mini is Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Dot