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Trump on Harvey Weinstein: 'Not at All Surprised' by Sexual Assault Allegations

08 Octobre 2017

The New York Times reported that Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and/or unwanted physical contact by numerous people who worked with him over the past three decades or so.

President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he has known movie mogul Harvey Weinstein "a long time" and that he's "not surprised" by the revelations he paid eight women money to settle sexual harassment claims.

When Stephanopoulos asked why Weinstein is suing the NY Times, since Bloom said that Weinstein admitted to sexual harassment, Bloom pointed out that he has a different lawyer working on that. "I believe you", she wrote in a post that did not mention Weinstein by name.

Weinstein said Friday that he was taking a leave of absence.

"As Harvey has said, it is important for him to get professional help for the problems he has acknowledged", the statement from the board added. People are intimidated by him.

'I believe you' Oscar-winner Brie Larson responded to the allegations by saying she stood "with the fearless survivors of sexual assault and harassment... as always".

The alleged victims, as reported by the Times, were at the time of the alleged incidents in various positions, from an assistant to a model to actress Ashley Judd.

The statement says it is essential for The Weinstein have a culture where women can work with respect and without fear of harassment or discrimination. She claimed to the Times she never worked with me again.

Four years ago, Michelle Obama praised Weinstein at a White House event. Sivan took to Twitter on Friday, saying she felt for other women who may have felt compelled into accepting his advances. But I applaud their courage to come forward and support them all 100%. What do you do if you have behaved badly for 30 years?

A statement released by the TWC board earlier today said that the company has ordered an independent investigation into the allegations against its co-founder and co-chairman. I've done a lot of cases on behalf of women.

Meanwhile, Weinstein also announced he plans to speak with Judd.

A lawyer for the 84-year-old French-Polish film director said he was aware of the allegation by Renate Langer and he dismissed it as an "absurd" attempt to generate media attention.

Trump on Harvey Weinstein: 'Not at All Surprised' by Sexual Assault Allegations