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'Blade Runner 2049' Dominates But Falls Short of Forecasts

09 Octobre 2017

Given the film's hefty price tag, Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Sony are probably reconsidering those sequels Ridley Scott has planned... although box office underperformance doesn't seem to have deterred the filmmaker from continuing his Alien saga. Males gave the movie an A CinemaScore, while females gave it a B+.

Taking the No. 1 spot this week but falling well below box-office expectations is "Blade Runner 2049", bringing in an estimated $31.5 million in its debut weekend.

Another newcomer, 20th Century Fox's "The Mountain Between Us" opened in the second place with an estimated 10.1 million USA dollars.

This wouldn't be such a huge issue, if the sci-fi sequel didn't cost $155m to make.

As far as the rest of the cast goes, everyone performs their roles well. And that is merely the beginning of a larger trouble for the movie.

Made on a budget of $150m, typically studios spend roughly $100 million again on marketing, meaning to be profitable Blade Runner 2049 needs around $250m. Okay, the movie still dominated the box-office charts (racking in a whopping $31.5 million over the weekend), but it was no way near the estimated figure of $43 million - $45 million that was predicted.

The film, which was co-financed by Alcon Entertainment and Sony with Warner Bros. handling domestic distribution and Sony taking over worldwide distribution, stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. The follow-up's opening is actually much bigger than the original's, as Blade Runner made only $6.2 million during one of the most unbelievable summers in blockbuster history, but there are some concerns about the sci-fi feature's profit capabilities.

Overall, box office is down 4.8 percent year-to-date.

Records show that the original Blade Runner, a release of 1982, gained popularity over the years and was not at first appreciated by either critics, or the audience.

Michael Green has revealed that "Blade Runner 2049" was partly inspired by the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reviewers cite the strong performances of Gosling and Ford, the expanded world-building of the setting and the story in general.

'Blade Runner 2049' Dominates But Falls Short of Forecasts