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McDonald's 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan Sauce Hype Is Turning Sour

09 Octobre 2017

Rick and Morty fans demanded that McDonald's bring back Szechuan sauce and the company acceded to those demands. The sauce dates back to a limited run in 1998 to promote the Disney film, "Mulan". It was bad, and nobody gave a shit about it until the fictional character Rick of the wildly popular Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty" gushed over the novelty item in the season 3 premiere. Rick tells Morty they never made the sauce again, and he is driven by a need to somehow get back to that flawless taste.

The backlash over unexpected Szechuan shortages has forced McDonald's to issue an apology to all the upset Rick and Morty fans out there. Apparently in an online taste test of the sauce, the tester had said it actually didn't taste like anything special.

Impatient waiting turned to horror as cartoon fans realized the cartoon-affiliated corn syrup sauce was unavailable.

This lead to impromptu protests outside some Maccies branches, with the BBC reporting that the police had to be called to some stores when demonstrations got out of hand. We want to know, did you get this limited sauce?

At 1:45 a McDonald's in New York City, a crowd of teenage boys exited the fast-food location, screaming "There's no sauce left!" Worth noting: the web page they'd set up for the event stated the details of the promotion, and was very clear about there being a limited supply.

McDONALD'S customers have been putting new promotional sachets of Szechuan sauce on eBay for hundreds of pounds.

We've reached out to McDonald's for more information on what exactly went wrong, but as of press time they haven't responded.

One Newark resident made a video documenting the sauce rush at the same McDonald's location; the first person in line reportedly showed up six hours before the sauce was to be sold. The big buzz is around the exclusive dipping sauces, including a Szechuan Sauce that hasn't been on the menu since 1998.

McDonald's 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan Sauce Hype Is Turning Sour