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President Trump Reveals What He Told Mike Pence Before Today's NFL Game

09 Octobre 2017

In his explanation for leaving Sunday's game, Mr Pence stressed that he stood with Mr Trump on the issue.

All of the Colts' players stood for the anthem, linking their arms along the sideline.

Pence left the game after some players knelt during the National Anthem, saying he did not want to "dignify" the demonstration.

Mr Pence, who has gone out of his way to demonstrate loyalty to Mr Trump, said in his statement it was important to rally around the flag and things that unite the country.

Mr Trump later took credit for the display, tweeting that he had asked his Vice President to walk out of the stadium if any players kneeled.

Hillyard also tweeted that Pence's staff offered no further details about the phone call Trump claims to have had with Pence before the game.

Donald Trump's war on the NFL took a new turn last week, when his campaign exploited the national anthem to fundraise for his re-election bid and legal fees. So he made sure his administration was consistent with their position on Sunday.

49ers safety Eric Reid says he believes Pence leaving was a public relations stunt and that he meant to leave knowing there likely would be 49ers players kneeling.

He had previously tweeted a photograph of himself at a Colts game, adding he was "looking forward to cheering for our Colts".

Pence tweeted about his departure and reiterated his support for President Donald Trump's combative stance on the kneeling protests, which swept the National Football League last month.

NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reported from Indianapolis that the media pool was kept in vans ahead of the game instead of being led inside with Pence.

Although many liberals lauded the NFL players for defying Trump and politicizing the national anthem, the sport's loyal fan base hasn't offered such resounding levels of support, as ratings plummeted.

San Francisco safety Eric Reid has been kneeling during the national anthem since last season to protest social injustice. "So this looks like a PR stunt to me".

So the vice president shouldn't be shocked that the game he attended featured a protest during the anthem.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stirred controversy when he knelt for the anthem in protest against police brutality previous year.

President Trump Reveals What He Told Mike Pence Before Today's NFL Game