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WWE Posts Update on Shane McMahon's Health After HIAC

09 Octobre 2017

Corbin's luck hasn't changed too much, though.

JOHN POWELL: It is time for the Queen to take her throne and this match is sure to be one of the best of the night. Despite winning only half of them the Phenom has unleashed hell inside Hell in a cell and has given unforgettable memories whether it's throwing Mankind over the top of cell or taking on Triple H in the end if an era match at WrestleMania 28 which had Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee.

With Owens lying prone on one of the announcer's desks, McMahon looked down at his opponent and prepared to take flight once more. They'd use those to inflict some damage on one of The Usos but also to imprison one of them against the corner of the cage. Why are they having this match without the cell aspect? As fans in the audience and at home held their breath, the two took turns slamming each other on the top. Is Team Canada destined to prevail or will they fall at Hell in a Cell?

That move wouldn't be it though. The main event of the evening was a Hell in a Cell match (with falls counting anywhere) between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon.

I love Bobby Roode, but he's not the most exciting wrestler, so making him babyface wasn't the best choice.

Owens pulls a table from under the ring. Owens, again with help from Zayn, would eventually cover the SmackDown general manger to pick up the victory.

Join me here for all of tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell action! McMahon then did the unthinkable and jumped off the cell to deliver a deft-defying elbow which barely missed Owens who was moved out of harm's way. That's when he got crazier, though, and unlocked the cell door. Sami Zayn saved him. It even was a story of his NXT title win. He did and the match ended. With No Mercy being two weeks ago and TLC a few weeks away, the PPV fatigue is getting to me once again.

We're supposed to get a new installment of the Fashion Files, so hey, maybe we'll see Breezango wrestle someone!.Maybe. McMahon assaulted him with several punches and threw him into the ringside barrier. A heel Sami Zayn. In his last Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32, McMahon had an nearly identical bump. The Usos are now 5x tag team champions.

NOLAN HOWELL: It is time for Nakamura to get the belt and finally pull the trigger. After trapping both Big E and Woods with handcuffs, they dealt out some massive damage. The New Day used kendo sticks and the cell to create some sort of Home Alone style trap that was pretty humorous. Charlotte Flair might walk out as the new WWE Women Champion. Daniel Bryan added Dillinger to the match during the pre-show, and that ultimately cost Styles his title.

AJ Styles also defends his United States title against Baron Corbin, but settle expectations for this one.

Natalya hit Charlotte with a chair and got herself disqualified and retained her title, but the ending does lead to future possibilities in the two's feud, so it did its goal. I think this will be a great match, but I'm a little disappointed they didn't make it a Hell in a Cell match to raise a little interest. Despite the commendable effort, the ending was meh. Ziggler grabbed Roode's tights for leverage while in a pinning position. Nakamura nearly knocked Mahal's head off with a Kinshasa running knee.

Rusev isn't going to get a match near the top of a PPV card anytime soon. It doesn't make a lot sense, and yet, it's hard to call it surprising.

The event started with Chad Gable (one half of former tag team champions American Alpha) and his new partner Shelton Benjamin beating the team of Hype Bros featuring Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley.

WWE Posts Update on Shane McMahon's Health After HIAC