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A 'bump' in the NRA's smooth road?

10 Octobre 2017

But no new gun controls from Congress even though two of its own, Gabrielle Giffords and Steve Scalise, were shot in mass shootings and almost died.

True. People kill lots of people.

"America WAKE UP NOW", Poulter wrote in the body of the tweet. Death by firearm came in behind motor vehicle traffic, falling, suffocating, drowning, and death by fire/burring - more than 33,000 people died by falling and more than 3,500 by drowning.

And you don't win elections in America without big money.

Outside of the United States, Poulter's conclusion is widely accepted.

Their leadership's greedy and risky policy of "guns everywhere, for everyone, no questions asked" has resulted in yet another mass shooting this year. Given this enormous discrepancy, and the regular gun massacres that unite the country in shock and horror, it is tempting to agree with Poulter that the country has been brainwashed.

Conservatives work passionately for stricter limits on abortion and to pack the U.S.

When New York City police went undercover to try to buy guns from private sellers in 2009, it found that 19 of 30 sellers agreed to sell guns after the buyers told them they "probably couldn't pass a background check", according to NYT.

The overwhelming importance given to the interests of the gun lobby by American government, which bow to the pressure of the gun lobby to support it's interest, clearly indicate that American government follows nearly same gun policy approach within the country and as well as in the global arena.

Leave it to the left to use any target of opportunity such as guns and gun owners to politicize tragic events when bad things happen to good people.

Suicides in homes by guns are not uncommon, nor are murders of spouses and children.

Every seat in the House of Representatives and a third of those in the Senate will be up for grabs. It was the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the USA, according to NBC.

Kylie Cheung is a sophomore majoring in journalism and political science. But the situation isn't entirely hopeless.

I was appalled to read that the "bump stock", used by the Las Vegas shooter to adapt his semi-automatic gun to a fully automatic weapon, was originally created to make it easier for a disabled person to shoot a gun, with no mandate the person prove that he or she is disabled before purchase. "They all protect themselves with armed security", LaPierre said. "What we said has been very clear that if something transfers a semi-automatic to function like fully automatic than it aught to be regulated differently", Cox said.

After this statement was released, some people interpreted it as a major retreat on the N.R.A.'s part.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said no Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors to a bill she is proposing that would ban the sale, transfer and manufacture of bump stocks, trigger cranks and other accessories that can accelerate a semiautomatic rifle's rate of fire.

With a gun homicide rate that is 25 times higher than the average of other developed nations, we must ask ourselves what we value: the gun industry's profits or human life? But Australia is a case in point: in April 1996, in Port Arthur, Tasmania, a gunman opened fire on tourists, killing 35 and wounding 23.

The all too aware of the poll findings I cited above.

Las Vegas will suffer not only from the trauma of the recent massacre, but also from a diversion of tourism and conferences, at least until Nevada cracks down on assault weapons and can guarantee visitors' safety.

Incidentally, the most influential person in the gun industry in America is a reclusive NY billionaire financier, Stephen Feinberg, who invests in gun manufacturing, owns a company called Cerberus and is a big military contractor in Afghanistan. So, the "necessity" for the Second Amendment isn't there. Anti-gun activists seize on the most horrifying acts of killing, understandably, and use them as calls to legislative action.

To succeed in frustrating the wishes of the majority, the N.R.A. relies on intimidation and threats. Who knows. Probably not. "I mean he can pick up a - anything - make a bomb, put it in his shoe".

But the N.R.A.'s future success isn't guaranteed. The proposal was sitting with the secretary of state in Maine. And there will be a next time and another next time ad infinitum until all the guns are taken off the people. "We are going to win this outside of Washington".

A 'bump' in the NRA's smooth road?