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Can General Motors Use Electric Cars To Revolutize American Car Making?

10 Octobre 2017

General Motors already rolled out an all-electric auto in the past year.

GM has a short-term plan to introduce two all-electric vehicle in the next year and a half.

Despite the details of the company's electrification plan, GM has also reiterated its commitment that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be part of a zero emissions future.

According to Ammann, there are already early signs that Holden brand's image and perception is moving in the right direction, however, he admitted that it took Chevrolet somewhere between five to ten years to undergo a brand transformation.

General Motors is trying to reduce congestion and vehicle crashes by increasing connectivity among vehicles and pursuing autonomous vehicles.

Analysts today acknowledged that no one's sure whether consumers, even the younger ones, will embrace pure electric cars.

Even if the application of the public remains excessively shy in respect of electric vehicles, auto manufacturers continue to invest a fortune, and always promising more new models green.

In a statement released on Monday, GM confirmed that it has a slew of new electric vehicles in development.

Asked if he had a message for Holden's factory workers, Ammann said that General Motors is grateful and proud of employees's huge efforts.

The automaker said arriving at a "zero emissions future" will require a two-pronged approach - battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric depending vehicles.

The announcements provide a broad signal that traditional automakers have accepted electrification, but it's still clear that majority are unsure how fast it will take place. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi announced it would launch 12 new all-electric vehicles by 2022. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had declared last month that an all-electric fleet will hit the roads by the end of 2017. However, Reuters noted that he also added it was not clear when GM could make all its new vehicle offerings zero-emission electric cars. With two bustling auto markets in the world planning to go electric, vehicle makers are bound to expand their low-emission portfolio.

The upshot is vehicle executives, even while highlighting challenges with market demand and lobbying for regulatory changes, are increasingly sounding bullish on electric cars and, in some instances, echoing statements from government officials. The limited driving range offered by existing battery packs often makes drivers uneasy about buying an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles account for less than 1% of US sales, and a sliver of the almost 90 million sold around the world. Nearly 50 new pure electric-car models will come to market globally between now and 2022, including vehicles from Daimler and Volkswagen.

Can General Motors Use Electric Cars To Revolutize American Car Making?