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Erdogan upset at US decision to suspend visas

10 Octobre 2017

Turkish officials and pro-government newspapers have regularly accused usa diplomats and their colleagues of acting as propaganda in favour of terrorist groups.

The government of Turkey's Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames Gulen, a resident of Pennsylvania, for a failed coup against Erdogan in July 2016. Only a fraction of those persons targeted, however, have been Gulencis (200,000 people did not act as coup plotters). After the meeting, which took place only two weeks ago, Trump sung the praises of Erdogan and indicated that the two were becoming "friends".

Turkey has repeatedly called for the extradition of Gulen. As it happened, Flynn was sacked for not disclosing the extent of his foreign emoluments.

Turkey's global relationships are in hot water closer to home as well.

Rodrigo Catril, a currency strategist at National Australia Bank in Sydney, said that the sharp drop was partly explained by thin trading volumes, but also showed how political risks were rising in the country. Erdogan's bodyguards have been protesters on USA soil whenever he has come to the United States, viewing all of them as Gulenist terrorists, and the bodyguards were indicted, causing Erdogan to squawk. The U.S. embassy stated earlier that it was "deeply disturbed" over the arrest and rejected the allegations against the employee as "wholly without merit".

If you want to go to Turkey, you may be out of luck.

Turkey urged the United States, earlier on Monday, to review its suspension of visa services after the arrest of the USA consulate employee. Trips for tourism or business are no longer possible. It was a Turkish worker at the embassy who was charged with having ties to Cleric Fethullah Gulen (which is the same charge that the Tyrant of Turkey levels against anyone who disagrees with him these days). The U.S. won't abandon them because they are the strongest fighting forces, although like Turkey, America has labeled the Kurdish separatist group within Turkey's borders, the PKK, a terrorist group.

One is a NASA scientist who was vacationing with relatives in Turkey.

"When my minister told me about it I just said this: Turkey is a law state".

Despite being a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member, Turkey is an Islamist terror state. "The duration will be a function of ongoing discussions between our two governments about the reasons for the detention of our local staff members and the Turkish government's commitment to protecting our facilities and our personnel here in Turkey", he added.

The Incirlik Air Base is one of the main bases of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance in the region.

Ankara had responded nearly immediately in a tit-for-tat move by suspending all visa services for Americans in the United States.

Now the US-Turkey special relationship is in shambles.

Erdogan upset at US decision to suspend visas