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ESPN Suspends Jamele Hill After Calling For Boycott of Cowboys

10 Octobre 2017

ESPN has just suspended Jemele Hill over her usage of Twitter. Hill thought that was an unfair burden on players.

SportsCenter anchor Michael Smith will not be on television for Monday's 6 p.m. ET episode of SportsCenter. Smith will be back for Tuesday's broadcast.

No. It's unacceptable, according to ESPN, which has announced Hill's suspension over Twitter.

Hill previously found herself at odds with the network after she labeled President Donald Trump a "white supremacist" on the social media platform. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the remarks "a fireable offense" days later during a press briefing. But Hill's controversial comments on Twitter over the past month have put their show in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. She apologized for it and said she was "letting her colleagues and the company down".

Pence tweeted a statement in which he said he would not dignify any event that disrespects soldiers, the flag or the anthem. But Hill's tweets caught fire on social media, partly due to the ongoing arguments over ESPN's political posture. "It's even hard for me to understand what they're feeling about this, what it feels like to experience racism", Iger said at Vanity Fair's New Establishment summit last week.

The statement continued, "Jemele's comments to encourage consumers to let advertisers know how they feel, reflect the feelings of many of us". This earned a rebuke from President Trump, and weeks later, Vice President Mike Pence walked out of an Indiana Colts game when several players kneeled during the national anthem.

But now Hill has been suspended, seemingly for other tweets. And then, she suggested fans could boycott companies which advertise with the Dallas Cowboys as a way to change such a policy. She encouraged football fans to boycott the league and its advertisers in the tweet string below.

ESPN's big enough to deal with that, right?

ESPN president John Skipper had sent a memo to network's staff then, saying "In light of recent events, we need to remind ourselves that we are a journalistic organization and that we should not do anything that undermines that position", reported.

ESPN Suspends Jamele Hill After Calling For Boycott of Cowboys