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Google Uncovers YouTube, Gmail Ads Placed By Russian Agents

10 Octobre 2017

The report suggests that Russian agents spent near $100,000 on advertising with Google products like YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and through Google's DoubleClick ad network.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google parent company Alphabet have been invited to testify publicly before the Senate Intelligence Committee on November 1.

The Washington Post reports that Google has discovered evidence that a campaign by the Russian government spread propaganda through advertising on its platforms. The Washington Post report is based on anonymous sources familiar with the investigation.

It seems at least somewhat logical to conclude that the same Russia-linked groups constructed various brands by buying ads on Google platforms, building Facebook pages, and sending flurries of tweets to push propaganda created to increase animosity toward Hillary Clinton, heighten racial tension in the USA, and increase political strife.

Congressional committees have launched several investigations into the Russian interference in the USA presidential elections. Ad buys from Russian entities racked up around $100,000 Dollars for around 3,000 ads targeted at USA citizens.

They say the adverts do not appear to be from the same Kremlin-linked source that bought ads on Facebook. "Given the sensitive national security and privacy issues involved in this extraordinary investigation, we think Congress is best placed to use the information we and others provide to inform the public comprehensively and completely", a company lawyer posted to their website.

A Google spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment. The sources claim they aren't authorized to talk about the investigation and declined to give names or details on how they might be associated with the investigation.

The issue is under investigation by U.S. congressional committees and the Department of Justice.

All of these platforms, working together, helped improve the performance of the content on Facebook as well as Google's search rankings, said Albright. Later, Twitter also found that 200 accounts on its platforms were in some way linked to the profiles that Facebook flagged previously.

Facebook and Twitter have recently revealed that Russian troll farms sent thousands of paid advertisements and fake news stories through the social media sites to promote chaos and divisions among American voters. Congress is reportedly set to have representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google testify on the incidents.

Google Uncovers YouTube, Gmail Ads Placed By Russian Agents