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IPhone X stock to be extremely limited

10 Octobre 2017

Many Apple fans were anxious about being locked out of their iPhone if Face ID didn't work properly, but it seems like Apple has managed to put their fears to rest, at least for now. And with good reason, the iPhone X represents the first major redesign to the iPhone form factor in more than three years.

As per an Apple Insider report, the analyst by Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the Android smartphone makers are focusing on the 3D mapping solutions for facial recognition with the launch of the iPhone X with the Face ID technology.

Kuo's prediction also brings up an interesting question. However, Kuo predicts the camera will only show up in the iPad Pro, not the cheaper, smaller, consumer-grade tablets.

"Because of this (TrueDepth camera coming to iPad Pros), we believe more developers will pay attention to TrueDepth Camera/ facial recognition related applications". A financial news wire recently reported that due to issues with the production of the camera, Apple has achieved a yield under 10% on the production of the iPhone X. Second, it remains to be seen if the allure of an edgeless iPhone can offset any potential quirks that come along with Face ID and the iPhone X's somewhat controversial notch design.

This would seem to indicate that Android manufacturers might have not perfected the in-screen fingerprint sensor either, or perhaps just see more value in adding face detection for both better security and additional features, like Apple's face recognition animated emoji, animoji. That means those iPhones would also need to come with TrueDepth cameras and would very likely not include home buttons. While the iPhone X is yet to hit the market, there are already reports about the next device from Apple that might feature this technology.

On Oct 6, Apple confirmed it knows about the issue that is affecting some of its newest iPhone models, which became available Sept 22.

Consider that final September sales in the analyst's Apple Monitor experienced a 17% monthly climb, a marked improvement from the average rise of 13% throughout the last 12 years. On average, equities analysts expect that Apple Inc. will post $9.01 EPS for the current fiscal year.

IPhone X stock to be extremely limited