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Iran warns US against designating its Revolutionary Guards as terrorist group

10 Octobre 2017

Trump recently called the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the "worst deal ever". The bluster is for domestic political consumption, not a serious policy suggestion.

Jafari's warning came two days after White House Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders said Trump will announce new United States responses to Iran's missile tests, alleged support for terrorism and cyber operations as part of his new broader Iran strategy.

By the time of his 2017 re-election, Rouhani increasingly criticized hard-liners within Iran who criticized him and the atomic deal for giving too much away to the West, especially the US, still the "Great Satan" for some even decades after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

"But if they do, our response will be firm, decisive and crushing and the U.S. needs to accept the consequences", Qasemi said at a press conference, according to Iranian media reports.

The deal, which the United States entered back in 2015 under then President Barack Obama's administration, envisages Iran Tehran limiting its nuclear program for fifteen years in exchange for easing the pre-existing sanctions. Inflation remains high while job opportunities stay low. Gabriel reportedly said that the United States is likely to quit the Iran agreement next week and it creates danger not only for Germany but the worldwide community as a whole.

His administration has recertified Iranian compliance twice before under a law that requires it to notify Congress every 90 days.

It is incredibly hard to get Americans, Iranians, and Europeans on the same page, but this is what the JCPOA agreement did.

On Sunday, tensions between Iran and the USA appeared to escalate further ahead of Trump's expected policy speech on Iran later this week. "You will be hearing about Iran very shortly". There are no technical violations on the Iranian side, and there is no alternative to the current deal. Such a step would not cancel the deal, but it would weaken it, given that the lifting of sanctions was one of the main motivations for Iran to sign the agreement.

The Trump administration aims to put more pressure on the IRGC, especially over recent missile tests and what Washington has called its "malign activities" across the Middle East. Instead of blocking Iran's path to nuclear weapons, the agreement paves it.

The pledge came a week before President Donald Trump announces a final decision on how he wants to contain the Islamic Republic.

The Israeli premier spoke against the deal when he addressed the UN General Assembly in NY last month, but has been quiet on the matter in the days leading up to the October 15 deadline for US President Donald Trump to decertify the deal. United Nations inspectors have verified Iranian compliance with the terms. "Iran could have dealt with Trump more cautiously because he is a radical leader and many of his actions are not always based on logic". He recalled that many business delegates have visited Iran in the past two few years from European Union countries.

United States officials insist this will not sink the deal itself but open the way for Congress to develop new measures to punish other aspects of Iran's behavior.

The US government imposed sanctions in July on 18 entities and people for supporting the IRGC in developing drones and military equipment.

Commenting on the issue, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Washington's potential move would have negative consequences. The Europeans will also continue to support the implementation of the deal even if the U.S backs out.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.


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Iran warns US against designating its Revolutionary Guards as terrorist group