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Novel gene test might 'narrow down breast cancer risk'

10 Octobre 2017

For yet another year, Tallahassee adds Pink to the autumnal colors as the city celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month. It encourages women to check for suspicious lumps and bump. "Also, it is important to note that, for patients younger than age 50, 70% of breast cancer cases are found by the patients".

Currently, North America holds a sizeable share in the global breast cancer therapeutics market due to supportive insurance schemes. The test on blood or saliva considers 18 genetic variants known to infect the prospect of developing breast cancer.

"Most breast changes are not caused by cancer but if you do notice anything that isn't normal for you, see your doctor".

Research from Cleveland Clinic in the USA took the first step towards understanding the composition of the bacteria in breast cancer by uncovering distinct microbial differences in healthy and cancerous breast tissue. Some people just give you money, some just give you a check that's designated, but it all goes towards cancer research. (ALSO READ Experts stresses on early diagnosis, awareness). Depending on the group, most advise "breast self-awareness" - know what your breast tissue feels like. It is sometimes hard to detect a tumor if you have dense breasts due to more connective tissue as compared to fatty tissue.

According to Palmetto Health Breast Center's website, breast cancer is the "most common cancer in women" and "ranks second among cancer deaths in women". She said she's had two breast cancer surgeries.

More than 70, 000 women succumb to breast cancer every year - a woman dies of breast cancer every 10 minutes in India. This test is not for everyone and it's not to replace standard mammography, because a standard mammogram does show us the various characteristics of early breast cancer that can not be seen in any other modality.

The good news is that breast cancer mortality has dropped by about 30% in the last 3 decades.

Breast cancer survivors celebrated life and health at a "Pamper Party" hosted by the support and education nonprofit Praise is the Cure on Saturday at the Mt.

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Novel gene test might 'narrow down breast cancer risk'