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Police reveal major change to timeline of Las Vegas shooting

10 Octobre 2017

"In coordination with the FBI's behavioural analysis unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and now we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspect's life for us to key on", Sheriff Lombardo said.

Officers initially said security guard Jesus Campos distracted Paddock during his deadly attack and was shot in the leg, a minute before police arrived.

Investigators believe a note found in the Las Vegas gunman's hotel room contained a series of numbers that helped him calculate more precise shots, a law enforcement official said.

Police and FBI agents, chasing down more than 1,000 dead-end leads since a gunman killed 58 people in Las Vegas, are seeking more help from the public in solving the central mystery of their investigation - the shooter's motive.

In addition to the 58 people who died, almost 500 were injured, some by gunfire, some trampled or otherwise hurt while running for cover.

A new testimony from Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, 64, himself revealed the troubled killer had a freaky history of gambling and prescription drug usage! Paddock bought 33 guns, mostly rifles, during that period, an ATF spokesperson said.

Lombardo said that the revised timeline is based on new information that emerged over the course of the ongoing investigation. "You know, we were still clearing that room, the curtains, moving the curtains", Mr Donaldson said. "To prevent any other action".

Danley, who returned late Tuesday from a family visit to the Philippines, is regarded by investigators as a "person of interest".

In all, authorities have found 47 guns of varying size and power that belonged to Paddock.

"He only played one time", one of the representatives said.

Paddock had an arsenal of weapons in his hotel suite, including bump-fire stocks - legal devices that enable a shooter to fire bullets rapidly, similar to an automatic rifle.

In a timeline released last week, investigators said that the shooting lasted for about nine to 11 minutes.

Police also discovered more than 50 pounds of exploding targets and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in Paddock's vehicle in the hotel's parking lot.

In updated information Thursday, law enforcement told CNN that Paddock had 23 different weapons inside his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, along with 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle parked in the hotel's parking lot.

It was unclear why Paddock stopped firing at the crowd, suggesting he may have initially planned to escape, Sheriff Lombardo said. The door was open, and the group swarmed the room.

"We still do not have a clear motive or reason why", Undersheriff Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told reporters Friday, adding that law enforcement was continuing to search for answers with "great tenacity". By the time officers entered the room, Paddock was dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound, CNN reported. The Blackstone confirmed in a statement that rooms were booked in Paddock's name during Lollapalooza but that he did not stay there on those dates.

They recovered 42 firearms, an assortment of explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition from his Las Vegas hotel room and his Mesquite home.

Paddock's hotel suite was on the 32nd floor of the hotel, looking down on the crowd across the street.

Police radio calls to the team told them to watch out for booby traps, as they came across a room service cart with wires on it going underneath the door of the gunman's room. So many magazines. "Stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere".

Police reveal major change to timeline of Las Vegas shooting