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Should Boris Johnson get the sack? Have your say in our poll

10 Octobre 2017

May was addressing her party for the first time today since the embarrassing loss in the snap election of June but her speech got weakened by her feeble health and by a protestor who breached security and handed her a P45 notice, saying foreign minister Boris Johnson had asked him to do so.

It follows reports in The Sun and The Telegraph, with the latter quoting one backer of Mr Johnson as saying that there was a "stench of death" emanating from Downing Street.

"I am frankly fed up..."

"The only person in this Government weaker than Boris is the Prime Minister, who seems unable to sack him despite his serial disloyalty".

She told Sky News' Sunday with Niall Paterson: "It doesn't really matter who their leader is, they don't know which way they are going, they don't know what it is that they want to achieve. Whoever they are they do not speak for me". May after a faltering performance at the party's conference this week and Cabinet infighting over Brexit, said there was growing momentum behind the calls for her to step down.

UK PM Theresa May's speech might hold the record for the most awkward moments this year.

The Prime Minister has opened the door to a potential reshuffle later this month as part of a bid to ensure that she has "the best people in my Cabinet".

The minister added: 'It [removing Mr Johnson] will undermine public confidence in Brexit.

However, Mr Johnson complained that he was a victim of briefing by "sinister" people.

"I'm sorry to be so blunt but I think Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary is not good for the United Kingdom".

The spokesman was asked whether or not Mrs May's response to a question about Mr Johnson, when she said that she did not "duck challenges", meant that she regarded her Foreign Secretary as a "challenge". He said: "It would be a huge disservice to the country if the Conservative party now indulged itself in peering at its navel in a leadership election over the next three months".

"Johnson declared loyalty to May, but some close associates of the prime minister accuse him of undermining her position with constant statements about his vision of Brexit, the agency recalled".

Prime Minister May expects any deal with the European Union to be struck close to the end of the two-year negotiating period, leaving Britain in the dark as to the costs or benefits until such a time. "The ball is in their court". May told reporters in her constituency in Maidenhead, west of London.

She admitted the speech was an "uncomfortable" time but never considered abandoning the address as "I am not someone who gives up".

Should Boris Johnson get the sack? Have your say in our poll