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The bare minimum on gun control

10 Octobre 2017

Some gun control advocates praised the NRA for showing some flexibility.

Congress has refused to toughen background checks on gun buyers.

After years of doing nothing to combat America's gun problem, the NRA seems to accept that perhaps enabling citizens to easily change semi-automatic weapons into fully automatics isn't a good thing.

Painter said that a "vast majority" of Muslims don't commit terrorist acts, to which Carlson responded that a "vast majority of people with guns don't tend to shoot up concerts".

"Anytime there's something that involves a gun ban, you know, if they're talking about ban this, ban that, you got that curiosity, you got that person that's going to come in here and say I have to get this product before they take it away from us", he said.

NRA and Republican resistance held despite Obama's expansions of gun owners' rights.

Bloomberg, a billionaire and former mayor of NY, has been an outspoken critic of the National Rifle Association through the group Everytown for Gun Safety. The modification was used by the Las Vegas shooter to enable his semi-automatic weapon to fire continuously, like an automatic weapon.

A great way to start would be ridding the public of automatic weapons and bump-stock attachments, which are what Paddock used to make his semi-automatic rifles work as an automatic.

Bump stocks are a useful tool for anyone interested in indiscriminate mass murder: What you lose in accuracy, you make up in volume.

Not so surprisingly, the NRA has stopped short of supporting a legal ban on bump stocks, citing the issue can be addressed without a ban if the ATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, would do its job and reverse specific rulings that legalized these devices.

Fox News host Sean Hannity ranted on his show the day following the Vegas shooting about how "shameful" it is of the left to discuss gun control laws so soon after a mass shooting. Such things do not exist.

We need gun control laws, they need to be specific and they need to be strictly enforced. With 5 percent of the world's population, the United States has 30 percent of all mass shootings. The devices increase the speed at which bullets are fired but they decrease accuracy and are less safe than a semiautomatic weapon alone.

In the wake of Las Vegas massacre, Representative Katherine Clark is renewing her call for "comprehensive background checks" for firearms and pointing to what she believes is the cause of government inaction.

Common sense, a hearing aid, a belief in humanity?

The NRA considers themselves the "foremost defender of Second Amendment rights". If prospective donors are suspicious about any solicitation, Laxalt said they can go directly to GoFundMe and click the "Report Campaign" button or report directly to his office of Consumer Protection at 684-1100.

Thoughts and prayers will not save this country, and ignoring the controversy surrounding gun control will only lead to more mass shootings.

Las Vegas and federal authorities are still searching for a motive behind the shooting.

Evil can not be regulated away by the government. The politicians had spoken: Money from gun lobbies meant more than the lives of their constituents. When guns are hard to access, criminals turn to trucks and bombs.

The bare minimum on gun control